General Valve Twin Seal Double Block & Bleed Valve at Energy Products Made from the Best Materials to Exacting Standards

September 24 14:24 2021
For the past five decades, Energy Products Company has been a premier supplier of valves, such as diverter valves and block valves. It has one of the largest inventories of valves available in various sizes for diverse uses across industries.

According to announcements released by Energy Products Company, the General Valve Twin Seal double block and bleed valve in its inventory is available in 2″ – 36″, ANSI 150# – 900#.

The valve is a more efficient and sturdier alternative to the original two-valve system. This twin seal plug valve has a single double-seated bubble-tight valve. The seals are present upstream and downstream and perform the same duties as the two block valves. Seal integrity is verified by body bleed; the body also acts as a spool piece. The seals of most ball and gate valves abrade over time. The seating surfaces get scored by foreign materials stuck between the seats and the ball or gate. Scored seats result in product loss and contamination. The twin seal double block and bleed valve resist abrasion by completely retracting the independent slips from the body bore during the valve cycles.

The positive-shutoff twin seal plug valve is used for multiproduct fuel manifolds. Busy manifolds are operated frequently for different products and sometimes without supervision. These valves offer dependable seal tightness that prevents contamination of liquids and the expenses that must follow. These valves protect gasoline, diesel, kerosene, jet fuel, heating oil, crude oil, and petrol from getting contaminated.

The General Valve Twin Seal plug valves are recognized across industries as the most dependable option for hydrant isolation because they close fast and efficiently and are easy to maintain. These valves retain contents with zero leakage, thanks to a verifiable bubble-tight seal. The valves enable hydrant isolation and facilitate quick hydrant pressure tests.

These valves can be serviced inline, i.e.; they can be repaired or cleaned from top to bottom without the need for removal from the line.

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According to Energy Products Company, General Valve Twin Seal plug valves were the first to meet the rigid requirements of double block-and-bleed service, when introduced in 1941. In the years since subtle yet significant design refinements have further improved valve performance. Superior design innovations, pride in manufacturing workmanship, and selection of the best materials support Energy Products Company’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. In meter block service, the differential pressure across each closed valve is very low.

No assistance is required from the line pressure to energize or compress floating seals to make them hold tight. The seals typically rely on springs to press them against the ball unless the body cavity in a ball valve is vented. The ball valve may be leaking until the user opens the bleed. Then, the reduction of the body pressure introduces a hydraulic force on the seat that may stop the leak. The user can form a false impression that the ball valve is holding tight when it leaks. In contrast, the mechanical wedge action of the valve plug compresses both the upstream and the downstream seals firmly against the valve body, needing no help from the line pressure.

About the Company:

Energy Products Company, established in 1973, is one of the largest distributors of different types of valves that find use across industries in diverse conditions. It specializes in liquid pipeline operations and natural gas pipeline operations.

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