North Carolina based non-profit The Kind Neighbor striving to combat rising hunger issues by uniting whole community on a single platform

October 28 02:36 2021
The Kind Neighbor Inc. is aimed to make lives better for the neighbors in crisis by bridging the gap between those who need help and those who seek help through one unified platform.

Chapel Hill, NC – October 27, 2021 – Talk about the most glaring issues today and hunger is sure to be on top of the ladder. Worse, the problem has surged further upwards in the wake of the pandemic. Even though non-profit organizations came out to help, many could not benefit from it as they didn’t know help existed. In that light, a new NC-based non-profit organization, The Kind Neighbor, is aimed to combat the escalating hunger issues today by uniting the general public on a single platform to volunteer, donate, or utilize resources to help the underprivileged sections. 

The Kind Neighbor Inc. is a non-profit firm founded by Ms. Alecia Rajesh, a Buckley Public Service Scholar and McDonald Fellow at UNC-Chapel Hill. Created during the pandemic, this online platform aims to bridge the gaps in the community by connecting underserved individuals with charitable organizations. 

“About 20 million jobs vanished at the start of the coronavirus pandemic and the twin crises of unemployment and disease have led to soaring rates of hunger lately. Hunger was already trending upwards, and the problem has exacerbated even more during the pandemic due to lack of economic opportunities to the underserved community. It’s commendable that several food banks and non-profit organizations stepped up to meet the demand, but a lot of people could not benefit from the help. Feeding America found that one of the biggest reasons neighbors may not seek out help is because they ‘don’t know’ help exists.  Too often have we seen the resources offered by such organizations go to waste when there is minimal awareness of the help available”, stated Rajesh. 

There is an urgent need to create awareness about the help available from the community and neighbors- and this is where The Kind Neighbor comes to help. We are driven by the mission to improve non-profit efficiency by uniting the general public on a single platform to volunteer, donate, or utilize resources. 

The Kind Neighbor will partner and collaborate with local churches and organizations to serve the community. The organization caters to individuals both who are seeking help and looking for help as well as organizations that are willing to help the underprivileged sections. 

The new non-profit organization is set to highlight a long line of community events every week. One of them is the Free Food and Clothes Giveaway event which takes place every Saturday. Organized by the Greensboro based Calvary Church, the event provides food, clothing, and essential goods to families residing in the Smith Homes neighborhood. 

The Kind Neighbor is in talks to partner with local organizations to support underserved communities in Greensboro with fresh produce, bread, meat, and shelf-stable items.

Individuals or organizations who are willing to help the underserved through donation or voluntary service can choose the date, time, and the items to donate or services to provide, as per their convenience. Let’s join hands together to make lives better for our neighbors. 

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