How to Cut Concrete With Diamond Saw Blades?

November 30 12:04 2021

Before  start to cut concrete with diamond saw blades, people should choose the appropriate diamond saw blade for cutting concrete. Normally, there are 2 basic options for us to cut concrete—Segment diamond saw blades and Turbo diamond saw blade.

Besides, different sizes correspond to different machines. If the diameter of diamond saw blade is 115mm or 125mm, people should use ‘Angle grinder saw’ or ‘Marble saw’. If they use a big diameter diamond saw blade which is over 350mm, suggest ‘Wall saw’ or ‘Walk behind saw’ to cut a concrete wall or concrete floor.

About the use of diamond saw blades, first according to the mark in body of blade and machines, put the right direction of diamond saw blades in saw. Then use certain fastener to fix diamond saw blades in machines to ensure the stability of cutting.

People can cut the concrete in both ‘dry cutting’ and ‘wet cutting’. Dry cutting is more convenient for workers to finish the cutting, but with longer time. Wet cutting means cut the concrete by watering the cut surface, which is an efficient way to finish the cutting.

In addition, there are several things should pay attention to when cut concrete with diamond saw blades.

The first point is whether the blades’ quality match the material want to cut. If there are steel bars in the concrete, they should use a diamond saw blade of better quality than the one people cut normal concrete. Otherwise, if the blades are not able to cut the steel bars but they still cut it harder, the diamond saw blade may jump off and injure themselves.

The second point is not to continuously cut for too long. When people continuously cut concrete for too long, the temperature of segment becomes too high and carbonization occurs. Then the quality of segment will decrease so much that it will become waste.

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