Less is more. Victorage Crown series gaming chair review

January 13 07:46 2022
Less is more. Victorage Crown series gaming chair review
Victorage Crown series gaming chair

The gaming industry is growing at a fast pace, consequently gaming peripherals are also attracting more attentions, among which gaming chairs are the most concerned and gradually entering daily lives. Victorage Crown series is one of them. It not only ensures the comfort that people need most, in terms of appearance it also avoided the excessiveness of the gaming style design, the choice of black PU leather material forms a perfect match with the minimalist style.

Victorage Crown series gaming chair

As the first series of Victorage gaming chair, Crown series has been given a lot of expectations. Its design is inspired by luxury car seat. The thicker chair back and cushion give consumers a great support and make them feel less fatigued when sitting for long periods. The wider seat cushion also allows an enough legroom, will be loved by those who like to sit cross-legged.

Victorage Crown series gaming chair

The overall installation process is very concise and convenient. With the help of official installation guide, a total of 5 major steps, it will take up to only 15 minutes to complete. Not tough for one to do it alone too.

Victorage Crown series gaming chair logo

Victorage gaming chair is also very careful in the choice of materials. To ensure the comfort and durability of sitting for a long time in daily, PU leather and carbon fiber were applied. These two materials touch flexible and have a sense of layering. Added to that is its very wear-resistant and flame-resistant, after all, chair is a high frequency use of the item.

Victorage Crown series gaming chair

Victorage has extraordinary workmanship of the chair, especially seen from the details of its bottom. It looks very well-made and neat. Frog mechanism offers a relax function by tilting, at the same time 90-155 recline degree offers flexible seat positioning that allows consumers to lay back as far as they want, even sleep on it.

Victorage Crown armrest

Of course, 3D armrest will not be absent. It not only can be adjusted up and down, but also the top of it can be adjusted forward and backward, left and right. It’s easy to feel the damping as the process of adjustment is very smooth.

Victorage gaming chair base

To accommodate even more people and ensure the safety, class 4 gaslift is used. The base is made of aluminum alloy, strong and stable. In conclusion, it is really worthy buying.

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