Humboldts Secret Supplies Presents the Best Nutrient Solutions for Home and Commercial Growers

January 19 20:03 2022
Humboldts Secret Supplies is a leading plant nutrient manufacturer and supplier on the American market.

Yousef Benhamida, better known as Ben within the growing community, was among Southern California’s finest flower producers. With years of growing experience and a love for nature, Yousef went from producing flowers to producing the nutrients for not only flowers but all trees, bushes, and plant life.

Yousef founded Humboldts Secret Supplies (HSS) in 2012, naming his company after the famed growers of Humboldt, California and the Emerald Triangle. HSS started as a small independently ran business and grew to become one of the most recognizable names in the agricultural and hydroponic industries.

The company offers a broad range of plant nutrient products, the most prominent being Golden Tree, Sweet & Sticky, Flower Shield, Calmag & Iron, Base A & B, and more. 

Yousef recommends the Starter Kit to beginners and growers who wish to expand their gardens or farms. The Starter Kit features a signature formula based on nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and kelp; this premium blend of ingredients promotes healthier growth and substantially increased yields.

Golden Tree positioned Humboldts Secret Supplies as a market leader. Yousef spent years researching plant nutrients and additives and wanted to create an all-encompassing, versatile product that would consolidate the advantages of multiple additives into one, and thus Golden Tree was developed.

Yousef says the product is named Golden Tree because, “Any tree that got a taste of it would turn to gold for the grower.” The product’s formula is based on kelp, carbs, and minerals. It was specifically designed to be compatible with all mediums. The list includes hydroponics, aeroponics, coco, DWC, soil, and all types of growing methods.

Humboldts Secret Supplies has catered to the needs of over 100,000 growers across the country and is widely regarded as the manufacturer of the highest quality plant nutrients.

Rusty D., a verified buyer of a Starter Kit 2, praised HSS’s nutrients, stating:

“The Humboldt Secret is by far the best nutrient system I have ever used! The chart is spot on, and I have never had any issues with my plants! Create the best, most fragrant flowers ever! And they’re pretty darn good too! Thank you so much for creating such a fail-proof system.”

Daniel M., another verified buyer, was beyond pleased with the results of his HSS Starter Kit, imparting:

I started my plants on May 25. It is now September 2, and I have plants that are over 6 feet tall. Amazing, I have never had to be concerned about PH or burn as long as you follow the feeding chart. My plants are a beautiful lush green and extremely healthy. The girls have just started to flower and are starting to stack up very nicely. Thank you, Humboldts Secret.

More information about Humboldts Secret Supplies is available on the company’s official website.

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