AgentGo Launches a Plug-and-Play Facebook and Instagram Ads Platform for Real Estate Agents

January 19 20:09 2022
AgentGo is a Toronto-based startup company launching an innovative platform, presenting real estate agents with an affordable marketing solution.

Branding for real estate agents is becoming more of a challenge, given the current market’s oversaturation. On the other hand, lead generation for real estate agents is becoming increasingly tedious and more costly due to the growing online competition.

AgentGo, a Toronto-based company, has launched an innovative plug-and-play platform to address these and similar pressing issues for realtors. AgentGo’s platform provides access to plug-and-play lead generation and branding campaigns, numerous presets and templates, as well as AI-powered analytics. Real estate agents using the platform can reach precise target audiences reliably and expand and scale their business.

Hundreds of satisfied realtors who have used AgentGo’s platform have experienced considerable growth, praising the platform’s affordability, efficiency, and uniqueness. Hannah, a verified customer, imparts:

“I’ve been struggling with Facebook and IG ads for a while. Getting everything right in Facebook Ads Manager was challenging for me – so many settings to choose from. This platform has everything pre-set for me. Amazing!” said Hannah.

Alex, another verified customer, states that AgentGo is beginner-friendly, an exemplary time-saver, and a comprehensive solution for realtors searching for a transparent, easy-to-use marketing platform, saying:

“I am new to real estate and really have no time figuring out campaign setup. With AgentGo, the process of creating a campaign is seamless and straightforward,” said Alex.

AgentGo’s plug-and-play concept presented real estate agents with simple means to launch effective social media campaigns. By connecting business accounts and choosing a pre-defined audience, all users need to do is select and customize a chosen template before launching the campaign.

Powerful and versatile templates, flexible integration options, user-friendly UI, and AI-powered analytics have established AgentGo as the leading social media marketing platform engineered to cater to the needs of realtors.

Affordability is one of the main reasons why thousands of realtors are transitioning from their old campaign manufacturers to AgentGo. The brand believes Facebook Ads for real estate agents shouldn’t cost a fortune and offers a 5-day free trial for realtors to test the platform’s features.

According to a recent study conducted by, the average cost of outsourcing a social media marketing campaign in 2022 is $900 to $7,000 per month. AgentGo charges a flat price and offers two pricing packages. The Annual Plan costs $16 per month and is among the most affordable real estate marketing solutions available on the current market, while the Monthly Plan costs $40 per month.

AgentGo’s platform is one of the many benefits the brand offers. Alongside unlimited access to the plug-and-play platform, AgentGo offers round-the-clock chat support, a private Facebook Group for additional inquiries, a Discord channel, and a growing community of realtors, as well as free webinars and sessions.

More information about AgentGo is available on the brand’s official website.

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