The NFT game is beginning of Universea

January 19 20:21 2022

Universea is a meta universe game, which integrates gamefi’s game playability quality and defi’s attributes. Let people enjoy the fun of making money while playing games. This is also the largest collection of NFT games and the best blockchain game on the market. All tokens are produced through the game to maximize fairness, complete Dao organization and no centralized control, which makes the whole system rely on the blockchain.

The NFT game is beginning of Universea

Our game nature subverts the traditional game, makes the content of the game show in a new form, achieves fairness through the blockchain, and takes into account the new way of making money. This will be a new attempt in the game industry.

The NFT game is beginning of Universea

Universea game is a high-quality game that combines NFT games and NFT trading market. Players can make profits by trading NFT cards, and can also play mining to obtain tokens. In short, multiple income mode opens a new era of chain game NFT.

The NFT game is beginning of Universea

Four revenue sectors, each sector can make money, which is an opening way to subvert traditional games. At the same time, every eudemon card is a gateway to the meta universe. If you keep NFT’s eudemon card, every appreciation space will be unlimited in the future!





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