Mega influencer female comedian Twina Dime makes waves globally for viral comedy skits, body positivity videos

May 03 05:36 2022
Viral Instagram sensation Twina Dime, who currently has hundreds of thousands of followers on TikTok and Instagram, brings real-life events made funny as well as comedy skits and appearances that make social media netizens go crazy.

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Viral Instagram sensation, influencer, and famous comedian Twina Dime continues to make headway globally with her comedy skits and dance videos that rack up millions of views apiece. 

With comedy shows and appearances serving as her niche, the mega influencer leads the way in making millions of her followers laugh, cry, and holla at the top of their lungs. 

One of her viral videos on TikTok, which showed her proudly flaunting her belly, garnered over 1.3 million views as of this posting. She captioned the video, “Keep it or leave it? Keep it or get rid of it? Which one: Yes or No?” 

One commenter wrote, “Keep the cushion! You are beautiful either way,” as she commended Twina Dime for flaunting her authentic self and being confident about her body. 

Twina Dime currently has more than 550,000 followers on the video-focused social networking service TikTok and over 10 million likes on her video content. 

Twina Dime plays the Grandma Dime, one of the most popular profiles on TikTok, where she dances and performs comedic acts to the delight of her followers. One of the comments states, “Keep living your best life, sis.” Twina also plays Auntie Dime and Wendy Dime, building up a strong following on the platform for her funny sketches.


As a viral social media sensation, Twina Dime leads the way in celebrating self-love in all sizes, shapes, skin colors, genders, and body types. She offers comic acts that make 

“There’s a massive amount of negative videos on TikTok and everywhere else on social media; that’s why there’s a need to populate it with funny and entertaining content,” shares Twina Dime, who lashed out at the shocking amount of negative videos about body image on sites like Instagram and Facebook.

As a positive influencer, Twina Dime, who leads a list of personalities in standup comedy events,  promotes loving one’s body, being confident about each one’s flaws, and laughing out more often in life. 

In a separate video, Twina tells her followers: “You know, it seems like you all have something to say. Well, I got something to say too: Mind your business, guys, mind your business. Because what are you mad for? Okay?” The video post generated a lot of positive reactions, with one commenter saying: “Set them, straight girl!” 

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Eric Thorne, one of Twina Dime’s followers, wrote in a post: “They got me acting like a fool on TikTok. Twina Dime got me going crazy. #BBWAppreciation and #BlackDiamondBBW might be my little niche.”

Those who want to discover short videos related to Twina Dime may follow her on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and all other social channels. Cornbread Fed Twina Dime specializes in standup comedy entertainment for birthday parties, corporate events, dinners, private events, fundraisers, colleges, and so much more. 

Fans and followers can book her to come to a city near them. She has been one of the most sought-after female comedians in town, with fans requesting more of her “Grandma” videos that are racking up millions of views on TikTok.

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