Sigma Athletics launches a game-changing online coaching service from Norway

May 03 05:57 2022
The Sigma Athletics Project is a premium coaching service that leads the charge in offering a training system built on science and proven training methods.

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Sigma Athletics is making headway globally after introducing a premium online coaching service from Norway, an excellent platform for athletes who are motivated to make an impact on the fitness industry.

KJ Espeland, the company founder, has unveiled the Sigma Athletics Project, which aims to help young professional men create Viking physiques in six weeks. He has led the pack in helping men add inches to their shoulders from their gut and achieve the physique built to raid all night.

“Many guys are busting their butt in the gym and sticking to their workout routines but aren’t really gaining strength or muscle, or worse, fail to get the Viking physique they have always dreamt of. That’s where the Sigma Athletics Project comes into the picture,” shares KJ Espeland. 

The Norwegian coach aims to help people around the globe through online coaching, stating that he’s tired of seeing influencers screw people over with their ¨One Dollar Apps¨. 

KJ Espeland says Sigma Athletics offers a training system that is built on science and proven training methods. This means clients get the most effective program for achieving their specific goals via a tailor-made plan that fits them and their needs.

“I believe that if men really want to make their body look like Vikings, the sole way to do it is with proper training and nutrition that are scientifically proven and time-tested to work,” says Espeland. ¨A long with the right nutrition and training, I’ve developed a system that can pack on muscles, naturally. My own legs are a result of this system – they’re huge! And I´ve had 2 knee surgeries and torn my ACL twice and meniscus once. But I still got better legs than 90 percent of all fitness and bodybuilding athletes!”

KJ Espeland went to college in the United States and moved home due after pandemic-induced restrictions grounded businesses to a halt. Espeland then started his own clinic and began working to help people with muscular problems while becoming a certified conditioning coach. 

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“There were lots of struggles at the height of the COVID pandemic, including wrestling with my own doubts and having to start a business,” shares Espeland. 

However, Espeland’s clinic started going well, and local newspapers began writing about it. Papers were commending the business for putting up a game-changing fitness program for athletes.

Espeland, who always had a gift for fitness and bodybuilding himself, then started offering online coaching as well as in-person coaching. He works on becoming a certified Master Trainer and powerlifting coach.

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Sigma Athletics offers an easy-to-use, 24/7 online coaching program, where clients can chat with their coach to talk about their progress. 

To get started, those interested may fill out an application form available on the Sigma Athletics website. Afterward, the coach will reach out and make a tailor-made training system. 

Sigma Athletics currently offers 12-week and 6-weeks coaching for a limited time offer. 

“The Sigma Athletics project is built for professional men who are ready to take the next step, ready for change, and ready to make an impact,” adds Espeland. 

Those who want to be a part of Sigma Athletics may sign up right away or contact the team for onboarding. Others who wish to learn more about the company’s services and vision may visit the website for more information.

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