Local Company Helps Property Owners in Mesa, AZ, Save on Flood Damage Repair

May 03 05:01 2022

The typical cost for water damage restoration varies widely based on the extent of the damage. Home Advisor reports that homeowners may pay between $1,074 and $4,090. Copper State Home Builders is committed to keeping costs competitive to help clients rebuild after a disaster. 

After a flood runs through an area, the first thought on most people’s minds is a concern for their loved ones. The next thought is typically, “How much will it cost to repair all this flood damage?” When faced with paying for flood damage repair in Mesa, AZ, many locals turn to Copper State Home Builders to save their hard-earned money. 

Copper State Home Builders is a family-owned-and-operated business that understands how devastating a flood can be for a homeowner. That is why they are dedicated to providing free, accurate estimates based on their extensive experience and keeping their rates as fair as possible. Over the many years that they have served the community, they have earned and maintained a reputation for quality work at competitive prices. 

Homeowners can find out what their water damage repairs will cost by requesting a free estimate. A staff member will visit the location to assess the extent of the damage and the complexity of the job. Some factors that are considered include: 

Type of Water: Water can be described as clean (usually rain or from a water pipe), gray (originating from appliances like dishwashers and washing machines), or black (originating from a contaminated source, like a sewer pipe.) The more contaminated the water is, the more difficult and expensive it is to clean up. 

Size of Affected Area:  What was damaged and how much? The answer to these questions will make a big difference in the final cost. Likewise, if there is a lot of standing water that must be extracted, it will also cost more. 

Additional Restoration Work: Will the flooring or drywall need to be replaced? Has mold started growing? Any additional work that is needed will also add to the total, so it is best to contact a restoration contractor as soon as possible before the damage worsens. 

Call Copper State Home Builders at (480) 744-1411 to learn more about their property damage restoration services. Information about water damage repair and more can be found on their website. Their team is based in Mesa, AZ, and also serves clients in Gilbert, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, and the surrounding area.

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