Glowing Bliss Reiki Offers In-Depth Reiki Courses and Healing Services

May 04 00:18 2022
Glowing Bliss Reiki helps people step into their power and live a life beyond their wildest dreams.

Glowing Bliss Reiki, founded by Reiki Master/Teacher and Life Coach Jillee Rae, is opening opportunities for living empowered and enlightened lives with distant Reiki healing services and online courses. These are thoughtfully designed to free people from the burden of negativity, unlocking their infinite potential and helping them achieve wholeness and a state of harmony.

According to Jillee, stress, negative experiences and life’s challenges often make people unable to live their lives fully and joyfully. Reiki (meaning Universal Life Force Energy) offers a powerful way to bring healing and balance back to the mind, body, and spirit by stimulating one’s own natural healing process and increasing life force energy or Ki. As Ki energy increases and flows much more freely within the body, the result is feeling lighter, feeling better, and feeling happier.

Jillee’s Reiki healing services are shaped by her previous struggles and driven by the desire to help people experience the same healing she did. She says Reiki cleared out the heaviness of trauma, shame, and resentment, completely transforming her life for the better. Through one-on-one deep healing sessions, Jillee helps people energetically clear out what’s holding them back from living happier. She uses a combination of several Reiki and energy healing modalities to inspire a journey of self-discovery and inner peace.

All Glowing Bliss Reiki services transcend time and space, meaning they do not require physical presence or seeing each other for them to work. All that’s needed is the desire for a positive life transformation through energy healing.

In her Ascension Packages, she even helps people expand their consciousness and upgrade their DNA to ascend to higher multidimensional living.

Jillee states that Reiki is divinely guided, always going where it needs to go for the recipient’s Highest Good. Ultimately, her goal is to provide each client with the highest level of healing so they come out of each session with a better mindset, emotional stability and confidence to live the life they’ve been dreaming of.

Beyond her healing services, Jillee is also keen on sharing the gift of Reiki through a series of online Reiki Certification courses. They’re created to equip interested individuals with the skills and knowledge to learn how to heal themselves and become certified Reiki Master Teachers. Her classes include Usui, Sun, and Kundalini Reiki Certification courses. These are self-paced, flexible, and come with a comprehensive guide, an attunement video, and several resources to help students be as successful as possible working with Reiki.

Jillee uses her social media platforms on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to share free healing content and Reiki education to people. Follow her @glowingblissreiki.

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