Podcasters Can Now Earn $1,000 Per Month For Every 1,000 Listeners With Social Rewards Technology

May 04 01:48 2022
Podcasters Can Now Earn $1,000 Per Month For Every 1,000 Listeners With Social Rewards Technology

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Monetize your Podcast, Livestream and Webinar without selling advertisements or merchandise with social rewards technology

Toronto – Historically, podcast monetization can be broken down into two categories. These categories include payment by an audience and payment by sponsors.  

Podcasts that are supported by an audience typically generate their income via patron programs or donations, offer pay-per-view premium content and, or sell merchandise. These type of podcasts rely exclusively on their audience to finance their show. 

Likewise podcasts funded by sponsors often insert advertisements within aired content. These type of podcasts place the burden of financing the podcast on corporate brands and, or related stakeholders. 

The Pamper Me Network (www.pampermenetwork.com), a Toronto based podcast hosting, webinar hosting and monetization platform has taken a revolutionary different approach.  The Pamper Me Network supports payment by a network or payment by podcast hosting provider.

This revolutionary approach to podcast monetization allow creators to earn cash payments when their listeners support their podcast. When implemented, payment by a network podcast hosting allow creators to minimize reliance on the sale of advertising, sale of merchandise and donations to support their podcast and can earn in excess of $1,000 every 1,000 listeners. Creators can earn even more if they build a team of collaborators including other podcasters. 

Collaborative Partnership With Podcast Host & Creators

Matrix Thompson, VP, Business Development, Pamper Me Network, claims that “compensating creators for driving traffic and, or encouraging podcast engagement is simple commonsense and, fair.”

He argues, “when creators select a host, by default they must drive traffic to the landing page produced by the podcast hosting provider, app and, or podcast directory.”

Failure to do so would ensure low discovery of a podcast. 

“This fact suggests the existence of a podcast host and affiliate relationship. The podcast host provides the storage space and the content creator (affiliate) provides the traffic and awareness. Traffic is converted into new podcast hosting and advertising opportunities for the hosting platform. Unfortunately, not all hosts share their revenues with creators as a reward for promoting their podcasts.”

The relationships are mostly transactional: podcast host provides storage space and podcaster pays hosting fees. 

The Pamper Me Network’s monetization strategy is ideal for podcasters that lack the scale needed to attract advertisers, but have a small, engaged audience that supports them. 

How Much Can Creators Expect To Earn?

“A large audience is not necessary to make money when you host with the Pamper Me Network,” says Thompson.  “We deposit funds into your PMN wallet immediately upon engagement, $1.00 for each listener that signs up to support free or premium podcasts, livestreams or webinars.”

In addition, creators can expect to earn:

  • Up to 50% of net commissionable earnings realized when users assigned to a unique id purchase premium hosting, membership, content or advertising products;
  • $1.00 for each podcaster that signs up to collaborate with other creators as a guest speaker;
  • $1.00 for each affiliate or influencer that signs up to share podcast, livestream or webinar content with their followers;
  • $1.00 for each podcaster that signs up to publish his/her podcast in the PMN podcast discovery directory;
  • Quarterly, annual and lifetime bonuses for building engaged fan networks.

Supports Major Podcast Hosting Platforms

Thompson adds, “Our platform is designed for creators that are happy with their existing provider but require a reliable, easy to deploy mechanism to monetize their podcasts.”

“Hosting your podcast on another platform is no problem. All we require is your RSS feed to update our database and begin syndicating your content.  However, creators can earn more if they host directly with us and can benefit from network upgrades including cryptocurrency and fiat tipping coming Fall 2022.”

Social rewards technology works with most podcast hosting platforms that support Apple compliant RSS feeds including Captivate, Transistor, Castos, Rss.com, Resonate Recordings, Simplecast, Bcast, Spreaker, Blubrry, Podcastwebsites, Podserve, Podcast Giant, Audioboom, Libsyn, Megaphone, Whooshkaa, Fireside, Acast, Buzzsprout, Podbean, Redcircle, Podcasts.com, Squarespace, Podcast Blastoff, Zencast, Pinecast, Podomatic, Podigee, Backtracks, Audacy and Feedpress.

If you are interested in monetizing your podcasts, livestream or webinar you can create a Free Pamper Me Network social rewards account at www.PamperMeNetwork.com.  Premium hosting plans start as low as $29.99 per month.

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