Connecticut’s Trap G’zus Is Making Headlines

May 04 18:04 2022

Recently we have seen an uprise of young talent in the hip hop world. Connecticut’s Trap G’zus is an artist that is making a major impact in the game right now. Ammo the Don, better known as “Trap G’zus” is someone with deep artistic roots. According to Trap, “growing up, there was always music playing in his house”. Trap got fully engulfed at the age of 5 when Trap learned how to play the piano.

Although Trap learned to play all genres on the piano, rap music was Trap’s favorite. At only 9 years old, Trap was already playing Wu-Tang’s “C.R.E.A.M.” instead of practicing the classic material that was instructed to him. In 2006 Trap G’zus established GDM Entertainment. Trap did this as a response to the lack of support and exposure for artists in Connecticut. Although Trap had been interested in rapping since the age of nine; Trap didn’t have any guidance or resources to help him be successful.

Lack of finances and resources led to Trap turning to the streets as a way to make money. However, even after getting involved in the streets; Trap never forgot about his culture. “Boat People International” represents the pride and spirit of Trap’s heritage. Trap claims, “growing up, they used to call Haitians boat people”. “We came to this country on rafts and inner tubes, but as far as I knew, all my family got here on planes”, Trap added. Trap saw controversy as a challenge, Trap dedicated himself to show what “Boat People” can do! According to Trap, “Boat People represents the slave ships that brought the slaves over. One of the boats heavily used in the slave trade was called the “Jesus”.

The boat, the “Trap G’zus” is made to represent a return to consciousness and freedom from the many bondages that melanated people are burdened.” Last year, Trap G’zus released his single titled “Rich Boy”. This record featured hard hitting lyrics over the famed “Throw Some D’s” instrumental. The official video on YouTube is currently at nearly 10,000 views. It is clear that Trap G’zus is both gifted and determined to do great things in the world.

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