American Samoa LLC Online Portal is Live – Making it Effortless to Create an LLC Regardless of The Business Location

May 04 18:09 2022
American Samoa LLC Online Portal is Live - Making it Effortless to Create an LLC Regardless of The Business Location
American Samoa Online LLC Portal
American Samoa has just introduced the most innovative and user-friendly LLC legislation offered in the United States. The launch of the American Samoa LLC online portal allows businesses, no matter their location, to open an LLC through American Samoa, creating the new hotspot in the US to form an LLC.

American Samoa has just sent shockwaves throughout the global business community with the launch of their new online portal for the formation of LLC’s.

The new legislation incorporates the best laws from Delaware, Nevada, and Wyoming, instantly making American Samoa the absolute best place to file an LLC.

A Limited Liability Company, or LLC, is a business structure that provides protection for participants and permits pass-through treatment for tax purposes. However, LLC formation can involve several administrative and compliance related bottlenecks such as finding a registered agent, preparing Articles of Organization, and many others.

The new American Samoa LLC online portal allows anyone from anywhere across the globe to open up an LLC in minutes. To simplify the process, this portal provides Articles of Organization and Registered Agent services Free of charge. Users of the portal will receive an official copy of the approved Articles of Organization via email upon application completion.

American Samoa took great care to combine the best components of existing LLC laws found across the United States. Doing this has allowed the territory to create the most innovative LLC legislation in the country.

Some of the most important highlights of this new law are summarized below:

• LLC Confidentiality – Owner information remains private.

• No State Taxes

• Personal Asset Protection

• One-Stop Application – No third-party required.

• No Need to Renew Annually – 1, 2, and 3-year terms available.

• No US Citizenship Required – Available to all US and international businesses.

• Ownership is Transferable

The creation of American Samoa LLC is likely to kickstart a revenue stream in American Samoa and transform the territory into the go-to place for business. This is the first of many laws and products that the territory plans to introduce over the coming years. The ultimate goal is to brand American Samoa as America’s most business-friendly destination.

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