Rigid Exteriors Announces Plans for Moss Removal and Prevention in Port Orchard, WA

May 05 07:24 2022
Rigid Exteriors Announces Plans for Moss Removal and Prevention in Port Orchard, WA
Rigid Exteriors has announced a plan for helping homeowners and business owners combat their moss-related issues in Port Orchard, WA. The company has noted that while most moss issues may involve mechanical removal and may damage the roof, there are ways to stay ahead of the moss-related issues.

PORT ORCHARD, WA – Rigid Exteriors offers this Port Orchard roof repair service in the Bremerton, Silverdale, and Port Orchard areas. The roof cleaning process is demanding and fickle, one needs to be sure that they do not cause damage to the roof in pursuit of moss removal. As such, Rigid Exteriors applies a zinc treatment to the roof in question, in the rainy seasons it will be applied at the highest points on the roof to allow the rain to spread around. In the dry seasons, the zinc treatment is a solution so that the wind does not blow the powder away and so that the roof is not littered with unsightly white powder. As an experienced Port Orchard roofer, Rigid Exteriors knows that the gutters also will need to be cleaned out completely as the moss is relocated into the woods/brushes on sight, a waste bin, or simply hauled away. 

Rigid Exteriors has introduced this service in Port Orchard, WA. By introducing this service, the company is acknowledging that many homeowners and business owners have moss-related roofing issues that have recently begun growing out of hand.

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