Rinat Akhmetov did not leave Ukraine but actively helps all Ukrainian people

May 05 21:56 2022

“My Foundation is helping Ukrainians survive by providing water, food, medicines, and any help we can give here and now. SCM businesses are helping the army and territorial defense forces to defend our sovereignty, our freedom, and independence, and win the war.” – said Ukrainian billionaire Rinat Akhmetov, who was born in Donetsk. Rinat Akhmetov focused on Mariupol, where stay a huge number of civilians, as well as the Ukrainian military, who are under the blockade of Russian troops from the very beginning of the war. Rinat said terrible things about kids dying there from water shortages because people can get water only from melted snow…

Materials based: https://www.forbes.com/sites/luisakroll/2022/03/10/ukraines-richest-man-rinat-akhmetov-says-hes-doing-everything-he-can-to-help-his-country/?sh=20c9e9786841

Despite the fact that the businessman lost half of his fortune, Rinat Akhmetov actively continues to focus all his forces and resources on humanitarian aid to Ukrainians, as well as assistance to military and territorial defense. Also, Rinat Akhmetov stressed that he is not going to leave the homeland — “I am in Ukraine and I am not going to leave the country. I share the same feelings with all Ukrainians: I am sincerely waiting for the victory of Ukraine in this war. And we will start to rebuild the country to make it happier and more prosperous. On my end, I will spare no expense or effort to achieve this goal.”

It is unbelievable that in the 21st century, the heart of Europe is witnessing the very real genocide, war, and atrocities that the Russian military allows itself. The journalist also asked the billionaire whether he believes that Putin will not stop in Ukraine. His answer was: “Putin is aiming at countries that have democracy, freedom, and independence.

So all the free world counties are potential targets. If Ukraine together with you fails to stop him, nobody knows who’s next.” Unfortunately, no one can know Putin’s further actions, but one thing is certain the Ukrainians will stand to the end, because people have stood on top of each other and not a step backward, just like Rinat Akhmetov, who lost part of his property and home stadium of Shakhtar Donetsk but continues to help. Akhmetov: “First of all, we are helping Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. I have already said this: we are helping and we will keep helping people. And we will be helping our army and the territorial defense to stop the military aggression against our country.”

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