Tago Cards, introducing the business card of the future: Tag, share, and go

May 06 18:15 2022
Generate leads and build connections with Tago digital business cards. Tago Cards is revolutionizing how people connect with digital communication business cards that help people present themselves and their organizations better.

Tago Cards has introduced a revolutionary way for people to connect and create networks across industries. While business cards remain a crucial part of marketing individuals and businesses, infusing technology into them is a sure way to boost efficacy. Tago Cards provides business cards that grow with the individual and the company.

Having business cards has always been crucial for professionals and businesses. However, not much has changed even as technological advances continue to grow. Tago Cards took the challenge of taking business cards digital and have delivered cutting-edge, disruptive digital business cards. “Tago digital business card is the new way to generate leads and build your network of connections. Small, sleek, and sits in your wallet. One of the most effective marketing tools for your business or appropriate way to present yourself and your organization.”

Where traditional business cards require that people carry several cards to give away, the Tago business cards only require people to tag, share, and go. With the Tago Card, people can exchange their contact information to any device by tapping it. This means that people will only need to take one card with them that they can tag multiple times on multiple devices. To keep up with the demands of a fast-paced world, Tago Cards has made it possible for individuals and businesses to promote themselves without needing to keep track of business cards, type information, or write it down on paper. The new reality of contactless business cards fits perfectly into the technological world where everything is digitized. 

Tago digital business cards utilize NFC technology, making it easy to connect with any device. Non-NFC phones can use QR codes to connect. “Tago Cards come with a chip, NFC technology that allows two devices to communicate wirelessly when they are in close proximity. Your card contains a link to our admin systems where all your latest contact info, social media accounts, and so much more are stored.” The cards are protected with near-field communication technology that cannot be intercepted and is covered by all major regulations, including GDPR. 

Tago Cards are the first to bring the multiple languages to the business cards in the world! The NFC business cards are also the only multiple alphabet business cards, allowing people to activate their profiles in numerous languages. This has proven helpful for people who travel to different countries for business and events. With a Tago Card, people do not need to download an app or fumble during events, all they require is to tap their card on any device, and the device automatically picks up their contact information. Tago Cards also enable people to capture different information in one card, greatly favoring people in more than one profession. “Create a profile for each occasion; today, you are a business consultant – just activate your profile in our system. Tomorrow you are a finance consultant; just activate your other profile.”

Tago Cards are available in white plastic, bamboo cards, black cards, transparent cards, and upcoming metal cards with various designs.

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