Lifeline Tax Solutions Shares Its Top 5 Strategies In Resolving Tax Debts

May 06 19:42 2022
This Company Believes There Is An Effective Solution For Every Situation When It Comes To Back Taxes.

Equipped with over twenty-four years of combined experience, the team at Lifeline Tax Solutions has been helping fellow Americans who struggle in dealing with tax debts. Powered by an alliance of attorneys on staff, the company is among the few certified by the IRS to represent clients in all types of tax settlement matters.

The veteran-owned company offers tax resolution services to individuals and businesses alike with quite an impressive record to show. In just the past nine years, the Lifeline Tax Solutions team has resolved more than 12,000 different cases, amounting to approximately $225 million worth of tax liability.

According to the company founders, Cary and Matthew, these noteworthy numbers are not just a testament to their competence as tax experts, but a reflection of their dedication to aiding people in need. The seasoned experts freely express that reliable tax settlement services should be affordable, noting that many companies impose prices that are far beyond what ordinary citizens can reasonably pay. Moreover, the founders explain that they always maintain a human-centered approach, hearing and advising each client with utmost professionalism but with a clear recognition of their personal situations and needs.

“Our mission is to alleviate people’s tax problems by resolving the issues with expert tax analysis, a personalized approach, and a fair price,” said the duo.

In tackling tax debt issues, Lifeline Tax Solutions believes that there is an effective approach for every case. The company utilizes what it refers to as its Top 5 Tax Settlement Options.

The first one is through the Offer in Compromise (OIC) agreement. This special agreement is a program readily offered by IRS for taxpayers who have no capability to pay their liabilities in full or through installment.

The next option is the Partial Pay Installment Agreement wherein clients are given the flexibility to negotiate the payment terms of their debt in consideration of their financial capacity.

Thirdly, Lifeline recommends the Non-Collectible Hardship Program. This strategy is especially helpful for clients whose living expenses exceed their income or individuals with recognized physical or mental disabilities and fall under Social Security Disability categories (such as SSDI and SSI.)

Strategy number four is the Privacy Protection Plan wherein clients can invoke their right against the intrusion of the IRS, allowing them a prolonged period to settle their debts.

Lastly, the fifth option is through a Penalty Abatement. This is an administrative waiver that may be granted to relieve negligent taxpayers of chargeable penalties given that certain conditions are met.

The effectiveness of Lifeline Tax Solutions’ methods is supported not just by its track record but also by the reviews of its clients. According to one, “I paid a bunch of money to another company a couple years ago, they didn’t do anything for me so I was skeptical. These guys are the real deal. They always answered my calls, no problems whatsoever.”

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