Founder & CEO Of Eternity Connect, Nicolai Ivanov, Bags Solid Mountains Merchants Awards

May 06 19:32 2022
The prestigious award was presented by the Bulgarian Businesses Association, in recognition of Ivanov’s exceptional leadership in taking his company to greater heights, despite the crushing effects of the global pandemic

Founder and CEO of Eternity Connect, Nicolai Ivanov, has been awarded the prestigious Solid Mountains Merchants Awards by the Bulgarian Businesses Association.

The seasoned entrepreneur was added to the list of 10 awardees in recognition of his exceptional leadership abilities, which were highlighted by the phenomenal performance of his company, at a time when most other businesses were struggling to stay afloat.

The coronavirus pandemic brought with it a lot of economic hardships as countries and international institutions scrambled to get ahead of the curve. Countrywide lockdowns greatly affected global commerce, as entire industries were closed, jobs were lost, and hunger ravaged developing countries.

However, the unfortunate happenings forced the world to turn to contactless means of conducting trade, which led to an unprecedented rise in the growth of online shopping, online gambling, and other e-commerce-related industries.

While much of the success has been attributed to the necessity created by the lockdowns, not all online platforms witnessed this increased adoption. The Bulgarian Businesses Association believes that the companies that performed well amid all the chaos, owe their success to the creative marketing and operational strategies that enabled them to fly higher than their competitors.

Created in 2019 just right before the pandemic, The Solid Mountains Merchants Awards recognizes awardees based on company efficiency, company culture, company values, work and life balance, employee retention, profitability, taxes paid, environmental impact, and more. Every year, the association recognizes the efforts of 10 companies and corporations whose actions have positively impacted the world. 

Nicolai Ivanov was chosen as part of the 10 recipients for the third edition of the award, in recognition of his unwavering dedication to his company’s success, and the amazing results it got under his leadership.

“He is a great thinker. He has keen attention to detail that enables him to see the smallest problems and formulate and implement the most effective solution. The records show that after implementing a small change, their production numbers dramatically increased by 11%.” said the President of the Bulgarian Businesses Association during the ceremony.

Ivanov, who expressed his surprise and excitement at being honored in such a way, ascribed the company’s successes to his amazing team and thanked them for their continued service in taking the company to greater heights.

“This is such a wonderful award that I will treasure. Although it was me that received this recognition, the credit also goes to the people working with me. The production staff, management, and office workers. Eternity Connect would not have been recognized without all your support and dedication! I believe that we will accomplish a lot more in the following years! Eternity Connect is us! Thank you!” – Nicolai Ivanov, Founder & CEO, Eternity Connect.

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