SafuLab – Creating The New Norm in Crypto, Project on Binance Smart Chain that Allows Smart Investment instead of Random Crypto Plays

May 09 16:32 2022

To reduce the growing concern over untrustworthiness of the new crypto projects, SafuLab wants to build an environment where people can start investing with ease at mind instead of worrying if there would be any malicious act from the Project Team. SafuLab believes that Transparency is the most important key in Crypto Space.


SafuLab team is constantly innovating and Performing R&D to improvise Crypto Space. SafuLab believe it’s their responsibility to ensure Investor’s Fund are secured. Their Utility doesn’t stop here, there will be constant development of new Utility as they progress.


1) Project Wallet Tracker

Investors have complete rights to know what is happening to the project funds and it should be done across every project in Crypto. SafuL will build a dashboard to provide investors live updates on tax funds. From the dashboard, investors will be able to monitor both incoming & outgoing transactions. Complete Transparency.

2) CrowdFunding/ LaunchPad

SafuLab Launchpad requires every project owner to give out details of expenses needed to run the project. How much is the cost of Utility, what the Liquidity % is and what will be done with remaining funds. From the details provided, investors can make a smart decision if they would like to invest or otherwise. Crowdfunding is for people who has great ideas of running a crypto based business which will be filtered by our team before going live. All the profits made from this will be used for strategic buyback & maintenance.

3) Swap

SafuLab will provide Swap for ETH, BNB & CRO. Instead of having to browse through multiple swaps for each Network, investors can access SafuLabSwap for all 3 main Networks.

4) Staking

Enables holders to monetize their SafuLab holdings instead of leaving it to lie idle in their wallets.

5) Premium NFT

Amazing premium NFTs with use case. More details will be shared soon.

6) Utility Exposure

All of the Utility of SafuLab will be marketed in a way where people realize it’s a NORM to have what SafuLab is providing in order to have a secured investment. SafuLab products will be available for other projects owners to purchase and implement it.

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