Cybee Launches NFT Minting Function and Unique Revenue Sharing Economic Model

May 10 20:52 2022

The Cybee Team recently launched its new NFT minting function allowing users to mint a Cybee NFT and obtain both $CBD token rewards and a Cybee DAO membership. 

About the Market

The whole world is bustling with excitement over encryption. After the DeFi boom subsided, attention  focused more on the NFT market. From early 2021 to February 2022, the number of NFT projects soared nearly 2,000 times. New PFPs emerge almost every day. That begs the question: who will be the next blue-chip NFTs in 2022?

Traditional NFT projects achieve sales in the primary market by creating a scarcity mentality. Advertisements for new NFT projects create a “fear of missing out” effect in the community. Some of the leading PFP projects have obtained higher industry and community consensus due to their early issuance. With the blessing of the project’s market operation capabilities, early investors often reap large benefits. However, most projects lack post-stage operational capabilities as well as  ecological development and construction. Thus, making the issuance of their NFT a transient take-off speeding down the slope with most investors receiving no profit from it. 

Unlike traditional NFT projects, Cybee DAO emphasizes the value of community. Any investor can mint Cybee at a low price while at the same time obtain membership to the Cybee DAO. Investors will later participate in the construction and benefit from the whole ecosystem. Total circulation of Cybee is set to 1 million; another major difference between traditional 10k projects and the Cybee DAO project. It’s hard to imagine Loot game developers with less than 3k holders, but that is exactly what the Cybee team is envisioning at the preliminary issuance stage. Cybee will eventually hold a rally of 300,000 to 500,000 holders. With such a strong community, it will be eligible to attract countless developers to design related Dapps and games and the Cybee ecology will be a jointly built effort. 


Cybee concentrates more on the long-term holding value, and adopts an unprecedented lockup mechanism. The first 10,000 Cybee NFTs have been minted out and the remaining 990K Cybee NFTs can’t be traded on any secondary market until all are minted out. This is not a friendly rule to those interested in pursuing short-term benefits of an NFT. In the short term, investors will not be able to trade frequently in the secondary market and hype the price. However, it will encourage investors to mint out Cybees on the official website and accelerate the formation of the Cybee DAO. Ultimately, benefiting the long-term construction of the entire ecosystem.

Although the blockchain industry represents high volatility and uncertainty, Cybee DAO has always adhered to its original intention and sought long-term holders who advocate the concept rather than short-term speculators. 

Why is Cybee a better choice for long-term investment? Once a Cybee is minted, holders obtain:

$CBD token rewards for each mint

A personalized name on Cybee’s head for themselves or their loved ones;

Ownership and commercial usage rights;

3D Cybee avatar and Cybee NFT derivatives;

Rights to socialize and game within the Cybee Miniverse;

Periodic net revenue sharing from the Cybee Ecosystem;

Tickets to referral programs and giveaways and rewards.

Mint your Cybee,get CBD token rewards and passive income from Cybee DAO

Cybee is more than just an NFT. The Cybee Team has designed a unique revenue distribution economic model for the entire ecosystem. When a user mints a Cybee NFT, they obtain both $CBD token rewards and a Cybee DAO membership. As the major currency of the entire Cybee DAO ecosystem, $CBD can be understood as holding shares. 30% of the shares are rewarded to holders alongside the Cybee NFTs they mint. $CBD is the governing currency of the entire community. A portion of the net sales revenue will be distributed to all holders  at a fixed time determined based on the community’s popular vote. 

In addition to passive income distributed from the Cybee DAO, investors can also take part in the Invite-to-earn program and earn up to 30% mint price ETH rewards. The more members users invite to mint, the more ETH rewards they receive. With the growth of the entire DAO, early holders will receive more rewards. In the end, $CBD will become the value carrier of the whole ecosystem.

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