Meet Roc Wong, CMP of SeeleN: the Global Ecological Expansion Organization to be Launched Soon

May 11 09:24 2022

After entering the eco-expanding stage, the SeeleN DAO has been making a lot of progress, launching the eco-district-centric exchange and eco-fund, and then announcing its official entry into the GameFi field in a row, with its first blockchain game Ever Island launched in the test on April 30. And now, SeeleN DAO Global Eco-Expansion Organization will also be unveiled soon. Regarding the details, Mr. Roc Wong, Chief Marketing Officer of SeeleN DAO, was interviewed and answered some questions accordingly.

What is the initial purpose of the construction of SeeleN DAO Global Ecological Organization?

Roc Wong: With the continuous development of the SeeleN DAO ecosystem, the degree of demand for external resources is also increasing, and the resources at this stage cannot meet the needs of the large volume development. To expand resources externally and empower the ecosystem internally, SeeleN DAO decided to establish a global ecological organization to achieve this goal.

What is the structure of SeeleN DAO’s global ecological organization?

Roc Wong: SeeleN DAO is currently governed by ten verifier organizations, and the Global Eco-Organization serves SeeleN DAO and is also co-managed by the verifiers. In the future, holders of the SeeleN DAO governance pass SNPs will also be indirectly involved in the governance process through voting.

So, who consists of the organization membership?

Roc Wong: Our global eco-organization membership is drawn from the global community and consists of the cream of the crop of SeeleN supporters. Each member has their own area of expertise and corresponding competencies and will work on eco-expansion in different means.

Can you tell us a little bit more about how the eco-expansion works?

Roc Wong: SeeleN DAO’s eco-expansion will be divided into three types. First is institutional expansion, we will attract the attention of investment institutions in different fields to get funding support for different projects under the ecosystem; second is user expansion, we will enhance the influence of SeeleN globally to win a wider range of supporters for the ecology. Ultimately, in global project expansion, we seek out and accept global quality projects and provide sufficient support to deepen the depth of SeeleN DAO.

Lastly, can you introduce the current progress of the ecological organization?

Roc Wong: So far, the building of the eco-organization is on the right track. In the early stage of building the organization, we introduced the Eco Fund to support the project and successfully incubated CandySwap. In the last month, the number of users and activity of global communities and social media is enlarging What’s more, we have contacted many excellent developers around the world who can help SeeleN DAO to expand both the breadth and depth of the project. Members of the global ecological organization will meet with you shortly.

About SeeleN DAO:

SeeleN DAO is a collaborative autonomous ecosystem based on the SeeleN public chain and co-created by the ecological community. The ecosystem is aimed at incorporating and incubating high-quality projects in all sectors, including metaverse, NFT, GameFi, DeFi, energy, and more. The development, construction, and governance of the whole ecosystem are coordinated and governed by all ecological participants.

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