CWK Global Comprehensive ESG Reporting Services and Sustainability

May 24 18:39 2022
CWK Global is a Hong Kong CPA firm offering professional environmental, social, and governance report services for listed companies in Hong Kong.

Sustainability is becoming the new norm in today’s times, as enterprises, corporations, SMEs, and entrepreneurs strive toward creating a future with minimal carbon footprints, good business practices, and all-around transparency. 

With the combination of technologies to make renewable energy more affordable and workspaces more socially comfortable and pleasurable, brands and businesses are expected to uphold these new standards and communicate their progress through ESG reports

ESG reporting is defined as the ‘disclosure of environmental, social, and corporate governance data.’ CWK Global, a Hong Kong-based CPA firm that offers comprehensive ESG reporting services has stated that:

“Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEX) required all listed companies in Hong Kong to disclose their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) report annually. With the ESG report, investors are able to assess companies’ performance by their long-term sustainability plan. A comprehensive ESG report can better evaluate a company’s future risks and opportunities. CWK provides professional ESG report service for listed companies in Hong Kong.”

In terms of social ESG performance management metrics, CWK Global points out that listed Hong Kong companies are required to report on general employment policies, health checks, stress testing, supply chain management policies, as well as policies and practices that revolve around internal vocational training, product responsibility, community investment, and efforts to prevent child and forced labor. 

Another core element of a sustainability-driven company is the commitment to the betterment of the environment and keeping a low carbon footprint. CWK Global helps its clients work on the environmental aspects of ESG implementation, working towards sustainable development goals while reporting on air emission policies and targets, as well as policies tackling climate-related issues, minimizing impacts on environmental and natural resources, and efficient use of resources.  

CWK Global’s ESG Reporting services were designed to help listed companies in preparing ESG reports in compliance with the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing listing rules, provide assistance with forming the ESG working group, as well as aiding clients in drafting the ESG charter and provide assistance on execution and coordination of the drafted ESG action plan. 

CWK Global’s ESG reporting process is transparent, regimented, and thorough. By assessing the materiality of ESG matters, acquiring research data on climate changes, facilitating the collection of data for the preparation of the report, analyzing both social and environmental metrics of relevant companies, and conducting research on ESG draft reports, CWK Global ensures that no stone is left unturned, providing its clients with a concise, all-embracing report. 

In addition to offering ESG reporting services, CWK Global’s catalog also features audit and assurance services, business process outsourcing, consulting and advisory services, tax services, licensing and fund set-up services, international corporate services, IPO, and company secretarial services, and more. 

More information on CWK Global can be found on the brand’s official website.

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