Belewe Pet Launches Effective Solution for Eliminating Seborrhea and Mite

May 26 09:40 2022
Belewe Pet Launches Effective Solution for Eliminating Seborrhea and Mite
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Seborrhea and mites are common problems for dogs. Although they don’t cause any serious issues, they are very annoying. Belewe Pet, a reliable pet shop in Australia, has solutions for those problems.

Seborrhea is a common skin problem in pets. This is caused by yeast or fungus in the oil secretion on the skin. Seborrhea appears as red, dry, scaly, itchy skin on the scalp and other parts of the dog’s body. Seborrhea on dogs doesn’t cause serious problems or harm the body and hair. If seborrhea is detected in the dog, it can be treated with seborrhea dog shampoo and performing home treatment such as bathing the dog every 2 to 7 days. 

A representative for the Belewe pet store explains,” Your dog can get seborrhea although your dog is healthy and clean. Antiseborrheic shampoos are one of the most effective ways of treating dogs with seborrhea. In most cases, dogs with seborrhea also struggle with skin infections. Treatment with seborrhea dog shampoo usually provides effective results. In addition, dog owners can also perform regular brushing and bathing to prevent seborrhea. Moreover, omega 3 fatty acids can also help mild cases of seborrhea.”

Apart from antiseborrheic shampoos, safe dog shampoo with natural ingredients is the best choice for sensitive dog skin. Its mild and natural ingredients like aloe vera, tea tree extract, and natural coconut oil do not cause skin irritation. That way, the dog’s skin and coat can be healthy, shiny and smooth. Other ingredients like silver ions and anti-mite liquid prevent the dog from viruses and bacteria. 

Besides seborrhea problems, mites that live on the dog’s skin cause hair loss, dandruff, excessive scratching, irritation on the skin, crusty skin patches, and more. These mite problems can be treated with mite shampoo for dogs. This anti-parasitic shampoo is recommended for dogs with mites. It helps to cure dogs of various types of mites.

Belewe Pet grooming store offers various products to treat problems like odours, seborrhea, and mites. This Australian pet shop is currently holding a discount event for all products. Pet owners can get various shampoos and deodorisers for their dogs at affordable prices. All items in the store are 25% off, and combo sets are 35% off. In addition, pet owners can get Belewe Pet products delivered to their homes with free shipping. This free shipping offer is only eligible for buyers from Australia. Buy more and save more.

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