Coffee Expert Pouriya Ebrahimi Shares his Journey to a Successful Coffee Business

May 26 16:12 2022
Pouriya started Zero Coffee Roastery with one purpose, to begin from nothing and do something he’s passionate about.

Mr. Pouriya Ebrahimi, a coffee connoisseur and management consultant, started his coffee business in Alanya, Turkey with nothing but passion and love for coffee. Four years later, Zero Coffee Roastery is one of the top-rated cafés in Alanya, attracting hundreds of local patrons and tourists every month.

“When I work with coffee, I feel I go to zero, and I don’t think about anything else. And when you love something and do something with love – all of the universe is working for you,” says Mr. Pouriya.

Zero Coffee Roastery is built on the philosophy that it’s okay to restart from zero. According to Mr. Pouriya, while zero is often associated with the absence of something, it’s the beginning of everything. Without zero, nothing can move forward. It’s a new beginning, going from nothing to everything. His story with Zero Coffee began when he traveled to Alanya and felt inspired to start again, but his foray into the coffee industry began much earlier.

In 2012, he started learning about the coffee industry and soon co-founded Elsa Coffee, a coffee business in Iran. The shop received relatively mild success, prompting Mr. Pouriya to expand his repertoire of skills and improve his knowledge in the industry. He soon received his professional license from Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Education in 2016 and a calibration license in 2017.

Since then, Mr. Pouriya has worked with some of the most prominent names in the coffee industry, including SCA Authorized Trainer and Certifier Mr. Luigi Lupi, Cup Taster Champion Miss Cinzia Linardi, and Q-grader and SCA Authorized Trainer Mr. Serif Basaran.

Mr. Pouriya’s new approach to coffee is built on these experiences and achievements. He made Zero Coffee Roastery with an emphasis on quality and taste and genuine and humble service, creating a positive space for coffee lovers in the city.

The café is based in the heart of Alanya, serving a wide variety of brews artfully presented and masterfully brewed for unforgettable coffee experiences. Each year, tourists flock to the cafe, arriving full of expectations and leaving genuinely satisfied.

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About Pouriya Ebrahimi

Pouriya Ebrahimi is a coffee startup founder and management consultant based in Alanya, Turkey. He is a coffee connoisseur with certifications from SCA Trainer Davide Berti and a Q calibration license from WCE representative Danilo Lodi. Pouriya is passionate about crafting beautiful and unique coffee blends, dedicating his time to discovering the best coffee flavors and ingredients for his cafe, Zero Coffee Roastery.

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