Leading Poster Artist, Alecse Aspires to Have Travel posters, For Every Country

May 26 16:18 2022
MyRetroposter founder and leading artist Alecse has said that the company is working on establishing the largest, most exhaustive collection of travel posters. The posters aim to cover all 193 countries.

MyRetroposter, is best known for its stylized city art posters, encapsulating the spirit of cities in addition to their architecture and history. The company’s collection of posters represents around 75+ countries and 1300 posters. While each poster is a careful, stylized representation of each country, the company hopes to expand its collection, ensuring that there is a poster for every country. That will mean having Travel Posters from all 193 countries in the world.

Interestingly the entire body of work is the artistic amalgamation of a single artist. The stylized representation of some of the most popular cities has made it to major French fashion magazines and home & lifestyle publications. In addition to being treated to pre-made posters, people can also order a Custom Poster(s) designed from personal photos.

Additional details are available at https://myretroposter.com/collections/vintage-inspired-travel-posters-collection-by-alecse

While travel posters have witnessed a rise in popularity, they were looked over as the lesser appealing younger siblings of cheap French café posters for years. However, the trend started to shift in the early 1990s, when collectors began to see the art in what was considered old-fashioned charms. Over the past two years, art dealers have said that the genre has enjoyed a bump in demand thanks to the restless but inevitably homebound public, taking solace in acquiring an image to replace the real thing.

Readers can check out Alecse’s selection of travel posters by visiting MyRetroposter.com. Those interested can browse through over 1300 retro-themed posters and place orders directly online.

MyRetroposter’s limited edition prints are printed on 300ex total, and the collector editions are printed on 20ex or 50ex. When asked which prints were the most popular, Alecse, the company’s leading artist, said, “Many of our buyers are people living far from home. Our Indian prints amongst others sell very well, and these are prints that we are very proud of.”

He added, “Our goal is to have a poster for every country. That means taking on the monumental creative task of designing hundreds of additional posters. However, the upside to this eventually will be that there will be a poster for everyone, regardless of where they are from or which countries they enjoy visiting.”

About Myretroposter:

MyRetroposter has amassed a catalog of more than 1300 retro-themed posters. Many posters have been featured in major French publications, best known for their stylized representation of significant landmarks and cities.

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