Kansas City Tree Service Experts Helps Client Prepare Landscape for a New Construction Project

May 27 20:54 2022


Kansas City, Kansas – When Alexas and her husband Jimmy purchased their land more than 5 years ago, they did not have any immediate construction plans. Last month, however, the couple had saved enough money to construct the home of their dreams. To turn their dream into a reality, the couple had to remove several trees from their landscape.


“When Jimmy purchased the land in 2017,” said Alexas, “the landscape had some trees on it. The trees were rather smaller and since no one thought that construction would be initiated just a half-decade later, keeping the trees on the landscape sounded like a good idea. What Jimmy did not know is the trees were fast growers. In just 5 years, the trees have grown over 30 feet each—the trees that were just 7 feet when the land was paid for are now about 40 feet tall.”

The landowner noted that removing medium-sized trees in Kansas City is extremely hard. The landowner had reportedly tried several times to get a tree removal permit for the trees. However, the city had denied Jimmy the permit several times.

“It was not until a friend connected Jimmy with Kansas City Tree Service Experts that the family managed to acquire a tree removal permit,” said the Alexas. “The company had its way of convincing the city to provide a tree removal permit. When Jimmy asked the company how its team managed to convince the city to provide a tree removal permit, the company’s CEO noted that he had to let the reviewing committee understand that the tree removal procedure would create a space that would offer more value than the trees standing on it.”

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“Jimmy had to hire Kansas City Tree Service Experts right after the company managed to get the tree removal permit,” added Alexas. “By the time the family hired the team, no one knew the amount of money its tree removal team would cost.”

Alexas noted that when the company sent a tree removal quotation, the cost was more than affordable. According to the landowner, the price that the company had charged was 30% cheaper than what the couple had expected to pay.

“When the team started working on the trees,” said Alexas, “it became easy to understand why its services were so affordable. The company’s tree removal team removed more than 15 trees in a single day. The company did not just cut down the trees—its team of tree-cutting professionals went ahead and pulled out the stumps and then went ahead to collect the branches, stumps and sawdust—the company took all of this to the dumpsite. By the end of the day, the company ensured that the entire landscape was ready for the construction project that is set to start next week.”

Kansas City Tree Service Experts surprised the couple when its team offered to change the tree trunks into materials that they could use for the construction project.

“Jimmy knew that the house would need wood,” said Alexas. “He, therefore, asked the company to turn the wood into construction materials. The company came back the second day and turned the wood into timber for the ceiling. To handle this procedure, the company charged less than $1000. The ceiling materials generated by the procedure are worth more than $10,000 based on the current market prices.”

Alexas noted that at the moment she cannot thank Kansas City Tree Service Experts enough. She noted that when she turns the land into her home, she will be using the company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Kansas for all tree service procedures.

Kansas City Tree Service Experts’ base of operation is located in Kansas City. The company, however, can be contacted by dialing +1 913-379-2498 or sending an email to sales@treeserviceskansascity.net

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