Andre Bettinson Releases New Book Titled Androgen Diet For Men

June 01 19:04 2022
Andre Bettinson has released an all-new book titled ‘Androgen Diet for Men.’ The book mainly focuses on a new breakthrough form of diet that emphasizes the underlying cause of obesity and lack of fitness.

Since heart disease, specific cancers, and stroke are the top three leading causes of death among American males, what men may be eating, or unfortunately, not eating enough, might play a major factor in their long-term health. However, most conventional health advice and diet are hurting men as they fail to consider the varying nutritional and hormonal needs of each individual.

Driven by his desire to help men stay on the top of their fitness, Andre Bettinson has penned down a new book titled “Androgen Diet For Men,” which primarily focuses on the basics of lifestyle changes and the best methods needed to help men reach optimal health and get into the perfect shape.

One of the key spokesmen for the author was quoted as saying, “Andre has been completely committed to finding the right ways to help men get in the perfect shape. He did a vehement amount of research before assimilating all his findings into one book. He is aware of the need to offer the exact diet that can truly work, and this is exactly what he is offering with this book.”

The diet prescribed is unlike any other diet because it doesn’t simply focus on counting the calories or seeing what is to be skipped or even a crash course, for that matter. The author truly believes that everything is dependent on the hormones in the body, and therefore one has to keep their hormones in check. 

The presence of androgen hormone regulates fitness levels significantly, and this book will allow men around the world to keep their androgens in check. It will help them get in shape as the content of this book is backed by the logic accumulated from plenty of research documents. Those who are tired of their bulging body and genuinely want to do something to fix the issue and regain their lost confidence should make it a point to grab a copy of the book. 

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Andre Bettinson is a fitness enthusiast and renowned trainer committed to men’s health and has a wide array of knowledge about how to optimize male hormones.

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