Lessons from Shakila Morris, a credit repair specialist from Elegance Financial Services

June 02 15:03 2022
Elegance Financial Services is a credit repair and business consulting company helping people live the financial lives they want.

Shakila Morris is happy to share lessons from her journey and how it has led her to Elegance Financial Services, a company helping people streamline their finances. Coming from the lowest point in her life, Shakila recounts how her life has changed for the better. All thanks to her desire to succeed.

Elegance Financial services enables people to repair their credits, allowing them better financial opportunities. The company also offers business consulting services to help people build strategies and confidence and grow their businesses. Through Elegance Financial Services, Shakila has helped more than 300 people get homes, supported over 100 with their credit, purchased her first food truck, bought her first home without financing, and paid for a family vacation. 

A big part of Shakila’s life has been fueled by the pain she experienced before establishing Elegance Financial Services. She went from living at a motel, close to eviction, losing her unborn baby girl and her grandmother within months of each other, and drowning in depression to picking up her pieces and letting the pain fuel her to success. “That pain made me grind even harder,” she explains.

One of Shakila’s main lessons to impart to the world is, “don’t let NOBODY say what you can’t do.” Most people believe that their credit issues will keep them from accessing what they want in life. However, Shakila is making it known that it is possible to repair credit and work towards financial goals that make life better.

Credit repair firms cannot do anything that you couldn’t do yourself, but we can help you achieve results. We have a proven track record of helping clients raise credit scores quickly and effectively to give you better purchasing power.”

Elegance Financial Services offers daily tips, tricks, results, and real-life case studies to help people better understand how credit repair works. “We have taken the necessary steps to become knowledgeable on consumer rights and laws.”

Shakila Morris believes that going through a rough patch should fuel people to pursue their dreams more fervently.

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