Kelley Rice Illustrates The First Day of School in Her Children’s Book

June 03 15:42 2022
Elementary school teacher and writer, Kelley Rice, releases “The First Day of School,” a children’s book about a little boy’s feelings on the first day of school

Kelley Rice might just be getting more children into school as she reminds children of the fun and excitement in learning in her book titled The First Day of School. The captivating children’s book narrates the experience of a little boy, chronicling how his first day of school went.

“The book, “The First Day of School,” will remind children that learning can be fun! It also excites children to go back to school to enjoy engaging learning activities with their teacher.” – Kelley Rice. “It is a great way to get your child excited about going back to school.”

It is not strange for kids to dread their first day at school, especially after a seemingly long break filled with fun, excitement, and lots of sweets and candies. The thought of school work and lack of freedom can really be frightening for kids. However, Kelley Rice seems to have other ideas about school and learning, as illustrated in her book, The First Day of School.

Illustrated by Chantiste Beal, the book looks at the character of a kid, his horrible thoughts of what will happen to him on the first day of school, and the series of events that actually happened on the day as well as throughout the school year. The First Day of School aims to change the horrible narrative about school and learning, showing that the process can be fun, with Kelley leveraging her over two decades of experience teaching to curate an amazing story.

The First Day of School is available on Amazon and other platforms in different formats amid rave reviews from readers. “Wonderful. The book tells about the little boy’s experience, his first day at school. He is filled with fear and uncertainty. My youngest son liked this story. The book is suitable for children under 5 years.” – Elizabeth.

About Kelley Rice

Kelley Rice is an elementary school teacher who has been teaching for over 20 years. She loves making school an exciting place for learning to occur every day for her students. Kelley has translated her passion for teaching and creating an amazing learning environment into writing, with the book, “The First Day of School.”

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