From Sporty Polos to Timeless Fashion Sensation: Cherry Crumble’s California Spirit is Scaling New Heights.

June 06 22:27 2022


Cherry Crumble by Nitt Hyman is undoubtedly bringing a crisp and nostalgic flavor of childhood into life, befriending the fastest-changing wardrobes of the kids out there, through its exquisitely crafted couture. From wandering as a free spirit on the Californian street; to paving a smooth pathway toward a kid’s heart, Nitt Hyman’s Cherry Crumble has evolved as a global kids’ clothing brand.

Born as a free spirit, who loved to wander aimlessly searching for his muse, Nitt Hyman has always believed that inspiration can be found anytime and anywhere. Contrarian, how else one can describe a man, exploring the essence of California in the depth of its streets, and coming up with an idea to create a fashion that owns the purest smiles and laughter of this world.  

The label Cherry Crumble had its first breath in 2015 with a handful of polo collections. It was all thanks to the traveling love of Nitt which made him observe closely, all the shades of innocence and compelled him to come up with an idea to clothe these emotions. His idea to experiment with the polos back then quickly gained him a reputation for being vividly comfortable and fashionably sporty amongst the parents, who had always pondered on finding the right fit and a lifelong trust.

Cherry Crumble ultimately became a fashion juncture for adolescents and preteens in 2016 offering a ready-to-wear solution, round the clock, and across the season. These overwhelming responses to his initial catalog have always made Nitt thrive on blending the uniqueness of a traditional California with the colorful flavor of a contemporary style. While his most creative visionaries made sure to braid his ethos into the crafts, what the world knows as Cherry Crumble.  

It was this resolute unobstructed ride and remarkable talent that led to the crafting of Cherry Crumble’s three distinctively timeless collections- the contemporarily versatile party dresses, the extensively varying appliqued sweats and night suits, and the elaboratively outdoorsy tees and casual wears, each contributing a firm cabinet in the little wardrobes.  

A glimpse of the contemporary fashion choices was as vivid in the world of little ones as much as that of a grownup. Resultantly, Clothes now had to be blended together with a crispy funkiness and adorability. Cherry Crumble took up this enthralling challenge as the sculpturing years of the label’s variability. Whilst testimonies have been made about how the glimpse of Nitt’s voyages reflected in Cherry Crumble. He is quoted as saying that he only designed a childhood nostalgia to travel the world in his stead.  

Despite the rigorous challenges, Nitt managed to bring out a largely refined version of his couture to the world within the span of a few years. His designs, especially his applique collections, soon became the talk of the town to be sought after by the parents. There were sweatshirts, fleece night suits, and zippers, all dominated by appliques to redefine an era of Californian fashion. 


By the end of 2017, Cherry Crumble housed all the enlivening fashion preferences of modern kids, starting from 9 months adolescents to 14 years old preteens, offering an elite solution for all their fashion causes, featuring season-friendly fabrics and in-demand style. The seasonal crafts were used to reinforce the design and the finish to maintain its functional form in a way, that does not hinder the cause and the emotion behind it. 

The company’s favorability continued to grow over the following years for its inclusiveness of all the trends under the label of Cherry Crumble. Nitt’s design is acknowledged as wizardry of a proportionate fusion of both the vibrancy and tranquility of a kid’s mind. Using extra bloomy materials, without adding on the burden of some additional weight, his flared dresses made little girls wearing anything else feel unsuitably dissatisfied. 

Deeply rooted within the heart of Cherry Crumble’s rationale is Nitt’s adoration for children to constantly move forward on the path of authenticity. His drive to continuously push the boundaries closer to an ethical fashion has allowed Cherry Crumble to abolish animal cruelty, without compromising their style abundance completely. The recent commendable move to adopt a recyclable packaging, as a cure to heal the damage that has been done to the Earth in name of fashion, marks his indicative apology. Given its acknowledgment and success, it is most surely the reason behind the manifestation of Cherry Crumble across the globe. 

With the colorfulness of childhood, a free-spirited vision, and unflappable sportive optimism; the label Cherry Crumble by Nitt Hyman has continued to build upon a bridge of trust and authenticity, expanding its favoritism through its modern collections. The outcome- a global high-end fashion solution for the fastest shuffling wardrobes of the world. 

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