Cosmetic Trailblazer Raises the Barre with BODILE Balletwear

June 08 00:09 2022
Luxury Dancewear for Ballet Dancers

There is a new name in ballet dancewear, and it is certainly making its presence felt. BODILE, the brainchild of BECCA Cosmetics founder Rebecca Morrice Williams, is all about beautiful garments that celebrate the dancer as athlete and artist; passionate, dedicated, disciplined. Dancewear that enhances performance whilst fueling confidence and expression. Morrice Williams’ vision for BODILE is to be the leading international high-end fashion dancewear brand, and she is drawing on her wealth of experience from 15 years in the highly competitive beauty industry.

Founding BECCA cosmetics in 2001, then selling to Estee Lauder in 2016 (> $200m USD), was a remarkable journey for the creative entrepreneur. Keen to pour her enthusiasm and talent into something different, she is once again trailblazing with her eye for aesthetic excellence. Shifting her genius from lipgloss to leotards and foundation swatches to fabric swatches, she has entered a whole new realm and her garments are selling out quickly.

Morrice Williams has long been a ballet fan – its movement, its beauty, its energy and its theatre. A dancer until her teens, with parents involved in the Western Australian Ballet Company, and now with her daughter in elite ballet training, she brings a personal perspective to her designs and their functionality.

In a market dominated by traditional suppliers such as Bloch, Grishko and Capezio, Morrice Williams has sought to do things differently and to do them better, precisely what her MO was in the building of the BECCA brand. BODILE’s leotards, skirts, and the popular sauna range, are quite simply, beautifully designed and well made using unique, quality fabrics – and the response has been overwhelming.

When asked what her focus was with the brand, she said she “wanted to recognise and support ballet dancers’ unique fashion aesthetic in the studio, where they show their individuality in the way they layer their leotards, skirts, tights and warmups – modern and effortlessly cool. I wanted to tap into that desire.”

BODILE showcases the stylish range with high fashion imagery and luxury branding in its online presence. The photographic results are visually breath-taking, and the aspirational quality they convey is indeed compelling. This high level of aesthetic excellence has come to be a hallmark of Morrice Williams’ work. BODILE is targeted to fashionable professional and pre professional dancers, teenage dancers in elite training, and adult recreational dancers. It proudly sells online-only to dancers from all over the world:

Morrice Williams is quite humbled by the fact that her brand has huge appeal across a wide demographic; from students to some of the most world-renowned prima ballerinas. When the world’s best want to wear and endorse your dancewear, then you have clearly achieved great things. It seems that Morrice Williams’ own creative expression, combined with her passion, dedication and talent, has launched her into the spotlight once again, and it is quite the performance.

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