Hanso Home Transforms the Pergola Industry With Its High-Quality Products

June 08 01:10 2022
Hanso Home is revolutionizing the pergola industry by offering consumers superior product at up to 8x better price.


For people with large outdoor spaces, installing a pergola is almost a nonnegotiable feature. Not only do pergolas offer protection from the harsh elements, they also add a stylish touch to any environment. Moreover, pergolas have been noted to raise the market value of a house by as much as 50 – 80%. But not every pergola in the market is built the same or offers such value. Hanso Home pergolas, however, stand heads and shoulders above the rest.

Hanso Home is on a mission to revolutionize the pergola industry through its premium products that can’t be found anywhere else. The company is offering a chance to have a piece of Scandinavian luxury right at their backyard with its high-quality built pergolas that come with a 10-year limited warranty. 


Hanso Home are not just beautiful to look at, they are also sturdily built to last 30+ years. Not only that, these Scandinavian-inspired pergolas are made with a strong metal structure that can withstand even the toughest elements. In addition to being easy to assemble to assemble, Hanso pergolas also come with special add-ons like drainage systems and louvers that protect its inhabitants from the rain and sun. What’s more, Hanso Home offers optional features such as retractable sunshades, privacy walls, and heaters to give its pergolas that cozy feel for one to live their best life.  


Best of all, Hanso Home pergolas come at an amazingly affordable price for its premium quality. This is so unlike similar high-quality pergolas that are in the price range of $30,000 – $150,000. Usually, a typical supply chain involves about 7-10 parties, each adding their own 70-200% profit margins at each stage of the supply chain. Hanso Home, on the other hand, cuts up to five middlemen and their profit margins out of the supply chain process. This makes it possible to deliver the product directly to the consumer at about 8x better price.

In recognition of its work, Hanso Home has been featured on Business Insider, Forbes, Daily Mail, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar.  

To learn more its product, please visit hansohome.com.

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