The Metaverse designers leading the way in to the 13 Trillion Dollar Market Boom.

June 08 17:42 2022

With the rapid growth of the Metaverse that is estimated to grow in to a $8 to $13 Trillion dollar market Forbes states,we decided to take a look at the companies who will be building the new 3D Internet World of the Metaverse. We came across quite a few companies building small houses but mostly just built properties and others specialised in games designs or payment gateways, but one of them stood out as they can build all of the above under one roof and build every size structure including Mega Yatchts and bespoke Metaverses.

The company is called Metaverse Boosters.Com run by two brothers, Dan and Aneal Henry they pride the company for being a all in one Metaverse development hub with elite developers around the World and in house, they build from apartments to large scale sports stadium’s to bespoke Metaverses, they have even built a white label NFT Application for brands to be able to have their customers enter in to private Metaverse buildings with NFT entry that also is used in real life verifications for a secure blockchain ticket that can’t be forged like tickets can be now,it also has features that have automatic reward systems, say if you was buying a lot of coffee or clothing or going to sporting games or concerts it would add up your spending and once you hit a peak it would let the seller know and offer you a discount or free product.

Metaverse Boosters also create games and consults with brands and gives them new ideas in how to best expand the company with Metaverse strategies that will grow the brand and benefit its customers.

Metaverse Boosters are starting to build a Live sports – concert streaming platform that will be using VR headware to watch like never before and having options to change Live camera angals when the viewers want. I can say if you are a brand or investor looking to create something revolutionary to grow your brand or increase your investment in the Metaverse then get in touch with Metaverse Boosters.

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