Insurance Automated Is Set To Grow Insurance Businesses Using Automated Lead Generation

June 09 16:04 2022
Insurance Automated, A Reputed Digital Agency Is Set To Provide Better Ways For Insurance Agents To Generate Appointments Directly To Their Calendar Without Long Hours Of Dialing The Phone To Secure Quality Clients

Insurance Automated, a reputed digital agency announced today that anyone interested in growing his insurance business can rely on the wealth of knowledge and experience of its team of highly trained sales professionals and marketing experts to assist in the growth of insurance businesses through the use of automated lead generation and also help insurance agents become their own lead vendors with a proven personalized website and Facebook Ad management.

Insurance Automated is a digital agency with the sole purpose of providing a preferable means for insurance agents to generate insurance appointments directly to their calendars without going through the hassle of dialing phones for hours to secure quality clients and leads. Using the latest technology and tools, Insurance Automated provides agents with sustainable solutions to accelerate growth, save time, and sell more.

The company asserts that its team of elite sales professionals is trained to assist insurance agents become their own lead vendors with ample inflow of quality pre-booked appointments. Thereby, giving insurance agents the freedom to channel their energy to what they know how to do best – closing multiple deals with eligible business prospects.

Insurance Automated affirms that its sole aspiration is to help jumpstart the growth process of insurance businesses by using its custom funnel and automated lead generation to garner authentic clients who are ready to talk about their specific insurance needs. The company further adds that it makes use of its premium easy-to-use software solution to generate appointments directly to the calendars of insurance agents, thereby eliminating any chance of them missing new sales opportunities.

One of the challenges faced by insurance businesses is finding leads and prospective clients. This is the gap Insurance Automated fills. With its team of highly trained sales professionals, the company has built a platform using the latest technology that helps generates higher quality leads, create more appointments, close more deals and in turn, grow the business.

Insurance Automated affirms that it helps insurance agents by building a proven website for them and setting up a state-of-the-art marketing campaign, lead generation with landing pages, reputation management, sales funnel automation, and lead nurturing with drop email and text campaigns so that insurance agents can focus on closing deals.

At  Insurance Automated, its CRM-based solution allows insurance agents to automatically follow up with prospective clients to schedule sales appointments, manage deals, and increase the lifetime value of existing accounts. With Insurance Automated, no hassle or code is required as the company completely handles all the difficult tasks at a lower cost and with little effort, thereby saving time and money.

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