ENG2 and Jean Louis Hardy Breaking All Limits in Business

June 10 23:57 2022
ENG2 is a Canada-based company that offers premium marketing, consulting, SEO, and PPC services.

In January of 2019, ENG2 was founded in British Columbia, Canada by Jean Louis Hardy – a professional growth consultant with years of experience, committed to giving power back to SME e-commerce stores through exemplary marketing and consulting services. 

What separates Jean Louis from many contemporary business and marketing consultants is his inward-based approach. While thousands of advisors ‘miss the forest for a tree,’ focusing on crunching numbers above everything else, Jean Louis aims to edify his clients, empower them, and teach them how to grasp the tools, knowledge, and skills required to reach success. 

According to Jean Louis Hardy, a proper organization backed by the flames of passion and fueled by hard work is the combination of factors required for a business to thrive. He imparts that a business without any of these three elements is inhibiting its own growth and is almost sure to drown in the sea of thriving e-commerce stores:

“We believe that opportunity without structure is chaos. Our mission is to engage in the growth and development of fragmented E-commerce stores, structuring them and providing extraordinary services while exceeding the industry standard with innovative implementations towards more profit,” said Jean Louis Hardy. 

ENG2 is primarily focused on delivering consulting services, striving to teach its clients how to climb the ladder instead of delivering success on a silver platter. Leveraging years of experience and love for his work into every counseling session, Jean Louis empowers his clients, fuels the fires of ambition, and seeks the best qualities in his clients to establish a firm, unshakeable foundation for success. ENG2 firmly believes that understanding and respect are the key to success of both parties, and watering the flowers of new relationships is one of the company’s main priorities. 

Jean Louis has coined the ‘Hi-Per’ word, describing individuals that are capable of pinpointing their purpose, successfully executing smart marketing plans, bolstering their sales, and reinforcing the system of their business. According to him, Hi-per business owners ‘can grow their companies to new heights as long as they continue their personal work.”

At ENG2 and personally, Jean Louis and his team are dedicated to seeking the good of others. They are thoroughly devoted to each client, whom Jean meets one-on-one to ensure no stone is left unturned when discussing the next steps for growth, both personal and business-wise. 

Branding and CRO-driven UX, page optimization, content writing, and editing are also a part of ENG2’s catalog of services. Jean Louis Hardy ensured that his company can be a one-stop shop for clients of all walks of life, and all people seeking to break all limits for their businesses and companies. 

More information about Jean Louis Hardy and a list of ENG2 services are available on Jean’s official Instagram page.

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