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June 14 20:51 2022

Svop – This is a review site dedicated to products for car enthusiasts and handymans.

What do we offer?

– Selecting the right tools and accessories
– Tools for experts and for DIY
– Drills and screwdrivers
– Lawn Mowers accessories
– Oil & Paint
– Farm & Ranch Accessories

What tools do I need in my garage?

A garage isn’t just for storing your car. It often serves as a mini workshop where furniture, plumbing and even appliances are repaired. Since the home handyman is faced with a variety of tasks, he needs a versatile tool for the garage with well-balanced characteristics.

Equipping the garage with everything it needs is made based on the preferences of its owner. The specifics of performing repair or other types of work cause the presence of different equipment and tools in the garage. Despite the great variety of work, some tools for the garage is desirable to have in each room.

These include:

– A set of wrenches, preferably with a special ratchet.
– A set of heads.
– A set of screwdrivers.
– Pliers.
– Needle-nose pliers.
– Torque wrench, which allows you to choose the right torque and provide quality fixation of the wheel, especially important when replacing it on the car.
– A set of crowbars.
– A universal clamp.
– A circlip puller.
– Chisels.
– Set of magnets.

Various electric and pneumatic tools also make repairing work easier.

It can be:

– Electric drill.
– Nutrunner.
– Wrecker.
– Grinder.
– Electric hoist.
– Welding machine, for carrying out complex repairs.

Many tools and devices car enthusiasts purchase at their discretion.

The most popular are:

– Wrench. Probably one of the most versatile and popular tools. With its help you can solve almost any problem, so it is necessary to have a set, and even better 2.

– A set of socket wrenches. The tool comes in two types – hexagonal and twelve-sided wrenches. As a rule, most garage mechanics prefer the latter option.

– Screwdrivers. Such a tool is needed not only in your favorite garage, but also at home. It is best to have a set of devices of different sizes (meaning – long and short, thick and thin, cross-shaped and ordinary). The main requirement for them is the strength of the material of manufacture, as they will have to withstand solid loads.

– Hammer. Universal device. It is better to have two of them. One – weight of 200 grams, the second – 500 grams.

– Puncher. Serves for making cuffs or rubber (plastic) gaskets.

– Punching tool. Less common tool, used for putting dots on the metal items for subsequent drilling.

– Jack. Without this device it is impossible to lift the car, which is very inconvenient for some repair work.

– Vise. This is not a tool, but rather equipment that greatly simplifies some repair activities.

How to store tools in the garage? 

Careful storage of tools in the garage – the pledge of comfortable work. And only in this case, you can quickly find the right tool in its place. In order not to lose anything, it is recommended to install a special table-stand.

Electric appliances and heavy tools are better stored in appropriate drawers. Hand tools can be stored in special cases.

Of course, the above selection of tools is not a rule and everyone can have their own “garage set”. However, it is these hand and power tools that can solve most of the common tasks when working in the garage.

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