Vietnamese Pop Singer, Kiey, releases a new electropop EP, “Sunday Sanctuary, Part Two.”

June 16 19:51 2022
From epic sounds to alluring visuals, Sunday Sanctuary Pt.2 delivers on all the magic of an electropop EP.

Vietnamese Pop Singer Kiey has released his new electropop EP, ‘Sunday Sanctuary Part Two.’ The EP expresses his exploration of new musical styles, emotions, and visuals. 

The new electropop EP by Kiey features 4 tracks from his upcoming album. The tracks are now available for streaming. Kiey describes ‘Sunday Sanctuary, Pt.2’ as a collection of watery bops seeking to express a range of emotions in true electropop fashion. “Can’t wait for y’all to hear these fun, watery bops that me, Monotape, and BeepBeepChild have been working on!”

The EP continues to explore Kiey’s love for music as a form of expression. He explains that pushing himself into a new territory of fun watery bops has helped broaden his musical horizons. The epic arrangements, incredible visuals, and crisp vocals create an intimate listening experience for his fans, making this an EP they want to keep coming back to.

Fans can get the ‘Sunday Sanctuary, Pt.2’ EP on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, SoundCloud, Tidal, and Amazon Music. The tracks are also available for streaming on his YouTube channel.

The new EP dropped on 3rd June 2022 and hailed a new era for Kiey and his music. The upcoming album is heavily influenced by the fusion of electropop and his childhood influences as he grew up listening to western music. He explains that ‘Sunday Sanctuary Pt.2’ is in many ways a continuation of ‘Sunday Sanctuary, Pt.1’ but also takes a very different angle. 

Through this new EP, Kiey reflects on his experiences in life. His vision for the music is to create fun, relatable music that still has a deep-seated meaning for listeners. Kiey traverses the territory of symphonic electropop by balancing simplicity and interweaving his gliding vocals to give life to the floating lyrics. 

Where ‘Sunday Sanctuary, Pt.1’ danced around the edges of different pop influences, ‘Sunday Sanctuary, Pt.2’ immerses itself into these influences, making it a unique sound. Each of the euphoric tracks is centered around a special theme. There is the quirky track ‘Insomnia,’ the ‘Make me insane’ track that was initially written for a female pop singer, then there’s ‘High,’ another unique sound that explores a new high. ‘Finally Happy’ ties up the EP in a neat bow.

The Asian pop singer explains that the joy of releasing his new music tramples all the difficulties experienced in the process. He is dedicated to creating music that speaks for itself, ensuring that listeners have a little something to take away from each track.

Speaking about the future of his music career, Kiey says that he is far from done exploring the extent of his musical capabilities. The goal is to continuously challenge himself with each new release, keeping himself and his fans on toes. He believes it is his duty to introduce his fans to musical fusions they didn’t even think possible. 

At the core of his music is authenticity. Creating something beautiful takes time; for now, Kiey invites listeners everywhere to stream his new EP. 

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