How To Produce Great YouTube Videos Despite Not Having Time Or Editing Skills

June 17 04:03 2022
How To Produce Great YouTube Videos Despite Not Having Time Or Editing Skills
From niche-specific scripts to voice-over and licensed music, see how this company now enables YouTube creators and brands with original and quality video production for their channels.

Creating unique content and attractive videos can be demanding, and most creators rely on professional editors to manage their content. Even with years of experience, it can take several hours, if not days, to create a video idea and animations. This situation discourages many users from starting their YouTube journey, even though they have exceptional concepts for a new channel. Moreover, not every creator can afford to spend thousands of dollars on a professional editor to manage their videos each month. 

LenosTube recognized this gap in the current market and extended its service portfolio with a monetizable YouTube video creation service for the clients. This service brings a lifetime video asset to the users without them lifting a finger. The primary motivation behind this service extension was to help clients optimize their YouTube channels for constant traffic and organic growth through consistent uploads.

In fact, the turn around time of video production is of just a couple of days, due to the large team of video editors working and the optimized workflow. On top of that, despite the affordable prices, the quality of the videos produced is great, which can be witnessed by simply having a look at the demo videos on the LenosTube website.

The videos produced are also fully ready for YouTube or other social media, as they have licensed footage, royalty free music, original voice-over and built-in captions to make the video original and engaging.

This monetizable video creation service by Lenos may also assist creators to get monetization back after suspension for duplicate content. It is entirely safe, and Lenos ensures customers with an original concept, unique content, and great animations to retain maximum viewers on the channel. 

Creating YouTube Niche-Specific Content with This Video Production

The only requirement that clients have to fulfill is providing the primary keywords and topic specifications. Everything else will be handled by the professionals working at Lenos, and creators can list their complete demands about how the video has to be modeled. Creators have comprehensive control over their content and can further reach out to technical support experts to seek help regarding unique demands. Lenos is a very accommodating platform and is always ready to help new clients make the best decision for their channels. 

While using free and premium stock footage, Lenos will take care of every aspect, from the video script to conversion rate optimization. Moreover, clients can choose which human voice-over to read the video script and give it a unique theme. All of these assets are transferred to the customers once the video is completed and they have complete ownership and rights of the final video.

The best thing about sourcing videos from Lenos is the price point. It is common knowledge that getting a music license, subscribing to premium libraries, paying for editing software, and optimizing the video for maximum retention can be extremely expensive. Not every creator can bear the cost of all these services, which impacts the final presentation of their content. Lenos eliminates this issue by offering a cost-effective solution that includes all of these assets while also incorporating effective strategies to scale the YouTube channel. 

Ordering videos from Lenos is as simple as clicking a button and listing the requirements. No extra steps are involved, and the passionate video production team from this platform will take care of the rest. Creators can expect to receive the completed video within the 7-day time limit – most times in just a few days – and they are kept updated every step of the way if necessary. Moreover, clients don’t have to even think about running into annoying copyright issues with the original content provided by Lenos, which is a very pleasant aspect.

Revisions and Video Customizations

Even when the video is completed, clients can request revisions to make minor adjustments to the content. Lenos always prefers to work closely with the customers to create the perfect content for the channel. This platform recognizes that the success of creators correlates with establishing their marketing services. So, clients can expect nothing short of exceptional attention to detail and incredible effort behind every service. 

Everything from the actual footage to the music and the script can be modified and changed by the customers. Creators can list specific color schemes, basic themes, music genres, and any special requirements while ordering the video, and Lenos will indeed incorporate all elements in the final presentation. 

The best thing here is that the video is kept entirely original, and creators have no issues trying to monetize the content to earn monthly revenue as long as the video is listed on their channel. Lastly, the final delivery of the video depends on the content genre, and Lenos further offers reduced delivery times with bulk orders. Here are further details on the video creation services by Lenos:

Organic Traffic & Viewer Retention

While video creation and monetization is the primary goal of these services provided by Lenos, it goes the extra mile by offering a organic traffic boost to the creators. Several solutions are available on this platform, and clients don’t have to consider extending their budget by a considerable margin to benefit from the traffic boost. These traffic boost services bring lasting effects on a channel’s progress, and creators benefit from the after-effects for months, if not years. 

On top of that, the video and the animations are targeted toward optimizing the channel ranking on YouTube. Many customers have noticed a sudden boost in traffic after ordering services from Lenos, and this marketing platform has amazed customers by overdelivering on its promises. For this reason, Lenos has become one of the most well-known YouTube marketing platforms and several creators rely on its YouTube services consistently.

This platform has indeed made it effortless for new creators to have a shot at making money from YouTube. Now, creators don’t have to spend thousands of dollars each month on premium subscriptions and the latest software to produce engaging and original content.

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