The Amourion Group Opens Its Doors To The Amourion Training Institute In Tbilisi

June 17 17:30 2022
The inception of unequaled tutoring services in Tbilisi

Tbilisi, The Amourion Group is pleased to announce that they will be launching one of their brands – Amourion Training Institute in Tbilisi for the first time on 15th June, 2022.

The Amourion Group’s, Amourion Training Institute, is an all-inclusive professional training service provider across the globe, catering to academic, corporate as well as personality development disciplines. Its pledge, flexibility, and adherence to quality have steadily propelled them to become frontrunners in the list of top academic and corporate training centers in the world.

“Tbilisi is an untapped location in terms of IB and IGCSE tutoring services. The education sector is always on the growth, it isn’t going anywhere and I wish to implement 10x growth within the Georgian market,” said Dr. Anil Khare, Founder and Managing Director of the Amourion Group. “The school enrollment rates have surpassed EU levels and there is so much more room for growth. The Private education sector has been on the rise since 2018, surpassing the total business sector in Georgia. Students need tutoring regardless of the material taught at school, this is where Amourion steps in. We are here to guide students from IB and IGCSE curriculums to not just attain milestones in their academic performance, but in life as well.”

The UAE’s career direction structure has been transfigured by Dr. Khare, who has over 25 years of experience in mentoring and directing students through their career paths. Among his various achievements, Dr. Khare has founded the best IB Training Institute- Amourion,,,,,, Amourion Training Institute, and other various learning resources for users across the globe.

He has walked this turbulent, yet fruitful path for 25+ years, to now be the best career counselor in the world of substantial influence. He has demonstrated competency in guiding students to excel in their academics to proceed with their study abroad plans as well as career goals. He believes that the kind of honesty and professionalism that his team shows are unequaled. He envisages that in the coming years, AMOURION will become a one-stop solution provider for the innumerable needs arising from different fields in the education sector.

“At Amourion, we have a prodigious vision for Georgian students to assemble a superb career internationally with an impeccable record of scores. To deliver such results, Amourion will enable every student to do so. The revelation I’ve had for the Georgian market for a very long time is on the precipice of being executed. Tbilisi is a metropolitan city with assorted offerings. Amongst them, tutoring is still diminutive of being a success. Said Dr. Manav Ahuja, CEO of the Amourion Group. “We want to create Global Leaders from all strategic regions in the world, and Georgia is one of the most important nations to contribute to the world’s growth. Team Amourion is highly motivated & committed to bringing out this educational revolution by commencing this most exciting journey for the greater good in the near future.”

Having acquired KHDA accreditation and a Ministry of Education license, Amourion Training Institute is a certified training provider in Dubai with a niche for endowing professionals with fitting training in order to perform and surpass expectancies in this competitive world. They credit their success and recognition as the chosen training center among students and corporate employees, to their team of well-experienced multi-cultural and multi-lingual training providers. Amourion’s dedicated and energetic trainers possess the indispensable industry experience and a thorough knowledge of the Middle East, Far East, and Western job markets, and are capable of analyzing trends and ensuring a positive outcome for their clients across the globe.

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