Indian E-Visa provides an easy and fastest way to apply for Indian Visa

June 20 20:16 2022

People who need to travel to India from other countries require a valid Visa. They can also get Visas for emergency purposes like illness, death, legal causes, or any other urgent needs that require an individual’s presence. One of the quickest ways to obtain a Visa is by applying through online.

All foreigners entering India should possess a valid passport with a valid Visa. Currently, India is providing Visas for tourism, recreation, short-term courses, business, medical visit, and conferences. E-Visa can be obtained easily via an online Visa application when compared with a regular paper Visa. An individual can apply for Indian Visa through the Indian E-Visa online website. India provides Visas for many countries like Australia, the USA, UAE, etc. It is better to apply for Indian Visa for 4 days for the processing unless it is an emergency case.

Sometimes a certain urgent situation arises, in which an individual will have to visit India immediately. An urgent emergency Indian Visa is issued to such people based on their necessity. Such a Visa is issued only in genuine emergency cases like death, serious illness of a blood relative, or any other related cases. Indian embassy will process the e-Visa within 24-72 hours in such cases. Required proofs must be submitted while applying for an emergency Visa and an extra fee will be charged for the application.

Indian Visa for Australian citizens

Like other countries, Australian citizens require a Visa to visit India. India has made the Visa application procedure simple for all countries including Australia. With the online e-Visa application facility, they can do the whole procedure from their home itself. It will only take around 3-4 minutes for the application process via the Indian E-Visa website.

Indian E-Visa

The e-Visa application process involves filling in all the required details, submitting necessary documents, and finally paying the required amount of fee. The individual does not need to take an appointment in the Indian embassy and waste their time. After validating all the details, the embassy will send the Visa through email. The individual can print the e-Visa to use it upon needs. There are different types of E-Visa like tourist Visa, business Visa, medical Visa, etc.

The eligibility criteria and all other related information for the e-Visa application are provided on the website

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