The Government of India has provided India Tourist e-Visa, Business e-Visa, and medical e-Visa for citizens of foreign countries

June 30 18:04 2022

The Government of India launched the e-Visa program in 2014 so that people from other countries can easily apply for visas. Currently, people can apply for Indian tourist visas, Indian business visas, and Indian medical Visas. Emergency Visa is also provided for people who need to visit India urgently. All these Visas come with different validities, as it is applicable for different purposes.

The Indian Government offers Indian Tourist e-Visa for tourism purposes; this Visa has long-term validity of up to 5 years. Tourist Visa also comes with one month and 1-year validity, which the applicant can choose based on their needs. Business Visa has 1-year validity, and a medical Visa has a short-term validity of one month. Based on the purpose foreign citizens can stay in India for 30, 90, and 180 days continuously on each visit. One of the major benefits of a long-term visa is that foreign citizens can visit India frequently until the term of the Visa. provides the details of all different types of available Indian e-Visas and their details. Those who wish to apply for an Indian e-Visa can visit this website to know more about the application process.

Indian Visa for Australian citizens

Australian citizens can enjoy fast entry using the Indian e-Visa program. They can receive an e-Visa within 3 to 4 days after making the application. People should apply for an e-Visa at least 4 days before the flight, as the e-Visa can get delayed in case of some issues. All foreign citizens regardless of their age (including children and newborn babies) should have a passport and Visa to get to India.

Indian Visa for Spanish citizens

Spanish citizens can easily apply for an Indian e-Visa from their homes without visiting the embassy. The basic and important requirements for this method of application are an email id, credit/debit card, and an ordinary passport that is valid for 6 months. It will only take 2 to 3 minutes to complete the entire Visa application through After the verifications, the applicant will receive the e-Visa directly to their email, and it can be saved on their mobile. They can either use the e-Visa through mobile or by taking a print of it. An application fee will also be charged for the Visa application, which can be paid online.

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