Tree Service Marietta Brings Tree Maintenance Interns On-Board for the First Time

July 05 18:54 2022

Marietta, Georgia – A company that has been operating in Marietta and the neighborhoods for more than 25 years, Tree Service Marietta finally decided to bring interns on board for the first time. Last week, the company decided to take on 5 interns. According to the CEO, these interns will work with his company for more than 6 months.

The trees in Marietta deserve the best care possible,” said the Tree Service Marietta CEO. “The issue, however, is that no tree maintenance company seems to be grooming the young generation to become good at taking care of the trees in this beautiful city.”

The CEO noted that his company has been in operation for more than 25 years. And in a few years, some of the older members of his team will be retiring.

As the most experienced team members retire,” said the CEO, “it is vital that the company brings onboard young blood to take on their responsibilities. The 5 new interns that have just joined Tree Service Marietta will be part of the team that will progressively take over the responsibilities of some of the company’s elderly members.”

The CEO noted that when looking for interns, his focus was on both their experience with trees and their educational background.

The goal is to get a team that is highly interested in trees,” said the CEO. “Tree Service Marietta has been the best tree maintenance service provider in this city for close to 3 decades. The fact that the pioneers are growing old and may retire soon does not mean that the trees in the city have to be left at the mercy of people who are just doing the job to get paid. This is why the company spent a lot of time looking for interns.”

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The CEO noted that each of the interns had at least handled a simple tree maintenance procedure before, understood the circumstances under which tree removal would be used, and knew the tools that make a tree maintenance procedure 100% safe.

While the company does not encourage DIY tree services for obvious reasons,” said the CEO, “the company does not advise against handling simple procedures. The only tree maintenance procedures the company does not encourage DIY for include trimming of large trees, pruning of trees standing next to utilities, and tree removal procedures. The company also advises against DIY procedures on any tree above the height of 15 feet—however, for smaller trees, homeowners are advised to handle the tree maintenance procedures. Each of the interns who joined the company has handled at least one simple tree maintenance procedure before in their homes.”

The CEO noted that the fact these interns have handled a simple tree maintenance procedure meant they were more than interested in tree improvement. What’s more, it showed that they had some experience that could help them get started.

The company had to reject more than 50 applicants,” said the Tree Service Marietta CEO. “These applications were largely from people who couldn’t even list the most common tree maintenance procedures. These were people who wanted a quick buck.”

The CEO noted that the 5 interns will join his team on the operation grounds and project sites so that they can master the art of tree maintenance. The team will be trained on tree pruning, tree trimming, tree removal, and emergency tree service. When these interns complete this training, they will be allowed to join the company as permanent employees.

Tree Service Marietta’s base of operation is located at 2305 Colleen Cir SW Marietta, GA, 30060. Homeowners, however, can contact the company at 678-661-6293 and

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