Everything one needs to know about solar panel inverters

July 15 14:32 2022

When it comes to solar power, the first thing you think about is the solar panels fitted to the roof. However, the electricity from your solar panels is direct current (DC) power, while our modern appliances rely on alternating current (AC) electricity. In order to use the solar energy, you need a portable solar panel inverter to convert DC electricity to AC power.

What is a solar panel inverter?

As an essential component and the brain of your solar energy system, the solar panel inverter is responsible for converting the electricity your solar panels create into a form that can be used by the appliances, lighting, and other electronics. Therefore, you can also think of the solar inverter as a solar converter.

Three major benefits of a solar panel inverter

● Monitor system output. A solar panel inverter can check how much energy it is producing and track your solar system performance through mobile app. If things aren’t working as planned, the solar panel inverter will check the performance of your solar power system automatically and alert you if it detects an issue with any component.

● Maximize energy production. A portable solar panel inverter tracks the voltage of your solar array to maximize the power created by the solar panels, thus enabling you to generate the most electricity possible and further ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of your sensitive appliances.

● Communicate with the utility grid. In case of temporary power outage, solar panel inverters can prevent electricity from being transmitted from your panels to the external power lines. By doing so, line workers who may be checking or repairing the grid will be protected from injury.

Four different types of solar panel inverters

The solar power inverters depend on the complexity of your roof, the extent and frequency of shade on your roof, the purpose of your solar power usage, and other factors. Though there are many different inverters available for solar energy systems, here the four most common types are listed.

● String inverter. This most popular type of solar panel inverter is connected to a string of solar panels linked together in series, and is suitable for more simplistic solar power system designs. A string inverter is the easiest to maintain for it’s located in the garage, basement or other easy-to-access locations. It’s also the cheapest, because you only need one inverter to accommodate several strings of panels across several roof planes.

● Micro inverter. A micro inverter refers to the very small solar inverter attached directly to individual solar panels. Micro inverters are a good choice for homes where the solar array’s design is complicated or the roof has consistent shading. They maximize each panel performance to mitigate the effects of shading, and you can monitor your system output at every panel.

● Power optimizer. A power optimizer is a compromise between string inverter and micro inverter. Like a string inverter, the energy from your panels goes to a central inverter. But the power optimizer is located next to individual panels, just like micro inverters. The power optimizer works by optimizing the electricity voltage before sending power to the string inverter.

● Hybrid inverter. Hybrid inverters, sometimes referred to as battery-ready inverters, are similar to string solar inverters but enable the direct connection of a battery storage system to allow greater self-sufficiency using solar. The main advantage of a hybrid inverter is that it can convert electricity in both directions, so it can convert DC electricity from solar panels to AC for the home, and it can also convert AC electricity from the grid to DC power to do things like charge a solar battery or an electric vehicle.

Top 5 solar panel inverters 2022

Below we describe the best residential solar inverters for 2022 based on quality, features, warranty and service, as well as comments from solar installers and industry professionals.

● New SolarEdge HD wave solar inverters (SolarEdge). SolarEdge inverters have become increasingly popular in the USA, Australia, and around the world over the last few years due to the unique design using DC optimisers which enables individual solar panel level power optimisation and control.

● New Huawei fusion solar-hybrid inverter (Huawei). Chinese communications giant Huawei stormed into the residential solar market in 2018 with a lightweight and compact solar panel inverter packed with features. Due to the huge volume of commercial & utility-scale inverters sold globally, Huawei is one of the world’s top solar inverter manufacturers and have invested billions into research and development over the last decade.

● 10 Kw Hybrid Three Phases Inverter (REECO L). Jiangsu Reeco Logic Co., Ltd., one of most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world, offers a wide range of products for PV installers: solar modules, inverters, photovoltaic mounting systems, self-consumption systems, e-mobility, PV installation monitoring and accessories. Reeco Logic distributes its solar products and sells its solutions and services to a diversified international utility, commercial and residential customer base in China, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, United Arab Emirates and other countries and regions.

● SMA Sunny Boy AV solar inverter (SMA). The new Sunny boy AV series from German manufacturer SMA Solar Technologies regained a lot of market share after SMA relocated all manufacturing back to Germany in 2019. SMA inverters have a proven track record for reliability and are generally considered one of the highest quality inverters available. Local service and support is excellent and SMA provide an optional 10 to 20 year extended warranty.

● New Sungrow SH-RS hybrid inverter (Sungrow). Sungrow is one of the largest solar inverter suppliers globally and a leading Chinese inverter manufacturer. The residential SG range of inverters have become popular among installers due to its competitive price, great reliability record, and good reputation for service and quality. In addition to the well-regarded range of solar inverters, Sungrow also manufactures some of the best value hybrid solar inverters on the market, for example, the SHK5-30, a affordable hybrid inverter for home energy storage system.

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