New Book, Xpressions Poetry Book, Delivers Messages of Hope and Inspiration

July 21 21:54 2022
With her latest book, Xpressions of Poetry, poet Chavonne is encouraging readers to think while offering them inspiration at the same time.

No one can trace the exact period that the art form of poetry was invented. But it is generally agreed that alongside music, plays, and dance, poems have been one of the best forms of communication for as long as humans have existed. Throughout history, poetry has been used for everything from documenting history, rousing men to battle and even to professing love. This practice is one that has endured to the present time. But even though modern poets are no longer penning lengthy historical poems like Homer’s Odyssey, they are still in the business of helping humans to understand and connect with the world around them. This is what Chavonne has set out to achieve with the release of her new poetry book.

Titled Xpressions Poetry Book, Chavonne’s new book is filled with poems that are both inspirational and thought-provoking. The book contains the author’s point of view, in the aspect of poetic expressions, on the many subjects and issues that trouble the modern world. In addition, these issues are presented in the author’s own unique style that is intended to make the readers pause to reflect and analyze differences of opinion.  

One unique thing about Xpressions Poetry Book is how relatable and engaging its poems are. This simplicity was intentionally done with the hope and aspiration that the poems will encourage readers to find strength in every situation. In addition, as Chavonne’s expressions allow readers to observe life through different lenses, it is also hoped that this book might just be instrumental in changing how its readers perceive these issues.


Chavonne’s Xpressions Poetry Book has already met with encouraging reception from lovers of poetry. According to a reviewer, “I really enjoyed reading this book. The poems were very inspiring and gave me great food for thought. The poems are kid friendly. They were easy for my 10 year old to read and interpret the meaning behind many of the poems. This is a book you definitely want to add to your library.”

Xpressions of Poetry can be purchased from Amazon.

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