Mariah & Byron Edgington Releases Journey Well: You Are More Than Enough

July 22 12:24 2022
Journey Well: You Are More Than Enough is the latest book touching on topics of self-care, self-help, and affirmation authored by Mariah and Byron Edgington.

According to data sourced from Psychology Today, it is estimated that 85% of people worldwide suffer from a feeling of low self-worth. These feelings are commonly linked to violent behavior, poor job performance, school dropout rates, divorce, teenage pregnancy, suicide, low academic achievement, and similar circumstances. 

To raise awareness of self-esteem and a sense of self-worth, as well as to reinforce the importance of addressing this universal problem, best-selling author Barrie Davenport points out that blue-collar workers who possess high self-esteem earn an average of $7,000 more per year while white-collar workers with similar high self-esteem earn an average of $28,000 more annually:

“One of the main obstacles to financial success is low self-confidence. Low confidence makes us doubt our abilities and judgment and prevents us from taking calculated risks, setting ambitious goals, and acting on them. At work, people who suffer from this problem often engage in subconscious behaviors that undermine their success, making them less likely to ask for or get promotions, raises, and even jobs,” said Barrie Davenport. 

It is an undeniable fact that children, teenagers, and adults can experience feelings of low self-esteem that can greatly impact all aspects of their lives, at any age, and on every level. Identifying, understanding, and effectively addressing these feelings is critical for self-transformation and improvement. Journey Well: You Are More Than Enough may be just the right answer.

Journey Well: You Are More Than Enough” is a new book, with an accompanying guidebook and online course, that takes a unique and self-empowering approach to help improve self-esteem and self-worth. It was written by Mariah and Byron Edgington, who have been married for over 4 decades. 

An ex-nurse and now an accomplished transformational mindset mentor, Mariah has spent the majority of her life with Byron, a retired helicopter pilot. Together, they moved to the Hawaiian island of Kauai in 2003, where they pursued their careers and passions in parallel with their married life. According to them, the Hawaiian lifestyle inspired and ultimately transformed them:

“It was on Kauai that they (Mariah and Byron) sensed the need for a better, stronger connection to the spiritual and transcendent energy that surrounds us all, what the Hawaiian people refer to as mana, the spiritual life force. The idea behind Journey Well: You Are More Than Enough came to them on Kauai, as they felt the majestic power of the ocean, the rhythmic action of booming waves, the soothing serenity of the Hawaiian breeze, and the strangely affirming connection we all feel with the natural environment,” an excerpt from Mariah and Byron’s bio. 

The Edgingtons have spent decades serving others and have observed an almost universal thirst among people from all walks of life to find more purpose and passion in their lives. Their book “Journey Well” serves as a guide to meeting these needs while addressing the debilitating issues of low self-worth by presenting an exquisite set of key strategies for personal growth. 

Journey Well: You Are More Than Enough takes a uniquely holistic approach to addressing five crucial areas of personal development through 11 practical and accessible steps. 

More information about Journey Well and the Edgingtons is available on their authors’ official website

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