Roger Lallemand Jr. MD Is Spotlighted In New Online Interview

July 22 23:30 2022

New Jersey – July 22, 2022 – Dr. Roger Lallemand is a successful entrepreneur and business owner. Having begun his career in the medical field, Dr. Lallemand holds a BA in Biology from Harvard University and an MD from Duke University in Orthopedic Surgery and Molecular Genetics. Given the connections he made during his time as a physician, he eventually decided to relocate to Haiti, where he began treating the Haitian community. 

He quickly recognized a lack of employment opportunities despite a large labor force. After learning that the country still imported 60-80 percent of its produce, Dr. Lallemand made it his mission to provide jobs to individuals living in the rural areas of Haiti. As the CEO of Sienna Agricultural Foods, he now runs a crop distribution center taking advantage of the country’s fertile landscape.

“As CEO, I have a network of speculators in Haiti that go into areas where the local farmers are planting crops. Everywhere from L’Atibonit, Cayes, to Port au Prince, we buy crops from farmers and resell them in our distribution network at the best price to purchase so we can sell at a profit. Using our data, I’m also able to review how we’re doing in terms of spoilage and I assess if the teams are moving well enough to get the product out the door quickly.”

Dedicated to helping others, Dr. Lallemand manages and employs seventy-five individuals within the company’s distribution network. With the goal of cultivating positive change in the local community, he attributes much of his success to his empathetic nature and ability to communicate effectively. When asked what his key to productivity is he states, 

“Establishing benchmarks to gauge progress, and staying focused so as not to get derailed by extraneous problems. You should be aware that in life and business there’s going to be ups and downs, but as long as you keep your goals in sight, you will always be able to find the solutions to any issues as you reach them. When you decide on something, make sure that you believe in it, because once that happens, it’s very hard for anything to derail you.”

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About Roger Lallemand Jr. MD

Having taken on a wide range of leadership roles, Dr. Roger Lallemand is a successful entrepreneur, consultant, and business professional. As someone who has established dozens of profitable investment initiatives, Dr. Lallemand has a talent for optimizing organizational performance. Currently, the CEO and Managing Partner of Sienna Agricultural Foods SA, Dr. Lallemand, is helping to establish large-scale horticultural farms in an attempt to boost the local economy.

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