Tree Service Experts Elk Grove Uses Tree Pruning to Improve Storm Safety on Client’s Landscape

July 23 09:15 2022

Elk Grove, California – A company that has always worked hard to improve tree safety, Tree Service Experts Elk Grove spent the whole of yesterday working on the trees standing on Mike’s landscape. The homeowner had reportedly invited the company’s team of tree cutting professionals to his landscape to help with a tree removal procedure. However, the company ended up improving the rest of his trees.

When the company’s team of tree removal experts arrived on the landscape,” said Mike when explaining how the company ended up using tree pruning to improve the safety of his trees, “they checked the other trees. One thing came out clearly—the rest of the trees had overcrowded crowns.”

The homeowner indicated that the company’s chief of field operations noted that considering how the crown carried numerous branches, the chances of a storm causing a lot of damage were extremely high.

The chief of field operations noted that the overcrowded crowns could trap wind,” said Mike. “He added that when these crowns trap wind, the wind could easily pull the trees. This could break the branches and drop them on the utilities under the trees. The professionals also added that if the trapped wind was strong enough, it could easily pull out the entire tree and hurl it across the compound.”

According to Mike, his family knew the damage that would result from a tree being hurled across the landscape by a strong wind could be worth thousands of dollars. The homeowner decided to save his money by requesting the team to handle the tree pruning procedure.

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The family was expecting the company to first concentrate on the tree removal procedure and then move on to the tree pruning procedure,” said the homeowner. “The company, however, surprised everyone when the team of tree cutting professionals divided itself into two. One team focused on the tree removal procedure and the other team used the company’s bucket truck to handle the tree pruning procedure.’

The homeowner noted that he was impressed with the speed at which the team worked. He was expecting the tree pruning and tree removal procedures to take several days. However, when he observed the rate at which the company was working, he knew the team would finish the entire procedure before leaving the landscape.

While the company was only removing a single tree,” said Mike, “the company was working to prune more than 20 trees. This was a significant amount of work. However, the company had brought a team with years of experience and was operating advanced tree maintenance gear. Per hour, the company was pruning more than 4 trees—the entire 20 trees took about 5 hours to prune.”

The homeowner was impressed when he realized that the company was not going to leave waste on his landscape. After the tree pruning and tree removal procedures, the company went ahead and collected the branches, leaves, and sawdust generated by the tree pruning procedure and packed it in its truck.

The company also pulled out the stump and packed it in the truck,” said Mike. “They then proceeded to convert the tree they had removed into firewood that the family could use for heating purposes in the winter season.”

The homeowner was impressed by the fact that Tree Service Experts Elk Grove charged him a very affordable fee for all the services offered. Mike noted that he would hire the company again and recommend its services to friends.

Tree Service Experts Elk Grove schedules its tree maintenance services from its base of operation located at 9228 Earl Fife Dr, Elk Grove, CA 95624, United States. The company can, however, be contacted at +1 916-931-3177 and

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