“Is There A God?” is The Testimony Of Love Between God And His People

July 23 11:24 2022
"Is There A God?" is The Testimony Of Love Between God And His People

July 23rd, 2022 – In her book, “Is There a God?” Linda C. Newman dives into the existence of God and the love between Him and His followers.

Is There a God?” helps readers tackle and overcome their worst fears and demons.

Growing up in a Baptist household, Linda Newman was always told about the wrath of God if one commits sin, seldom mentioning His love and mercy. This led to mistrust in God as Linda could not understand His ways and how He would never abandon her.

In the book, Linda talks about her spiritual and religious journey that had been difficult, mainly due to the fact that she had always been a curious individual. Several times during her childhood, Linda questioned whether God existed. After discovering the secrets the local church was hiding, she ventured onto finding the truth on her own.

However, the book is not limited to religious people. It’s for those who want to better themselves and their lives; normal people who are seeking a way to battle their inner demons, and come out victorious.

What makes this book powerful is that readers will feel a sense of belonging and acceptance. They will be able to relate to the troubles Linda faced during her journey. Through the book, readers will be able to find answers to questions they have been afraid to ask. They will be able to find answers to questions the Church has discouraged them from asking so they can build a more trusting relationship with God.

Linda Newman’s book will soon be available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

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