Weibu Launches Its First Nano PC Powered By Intel 12th Gen

July 26 01:24 2022

Weibu Information Inc., a leading computer total solution provider, has recently launched its first nano PC N10, a new model powered by Intel’s latest Gen Core processors. This Mini PC features the performance of Intel Alder Lake processor supported by LPDDR5 RAM, providing accelerated computing performance with low power consumption.

The new Alder Lake processor is up to 30% faster than previous-generation CPUs while delivering longer battery life. Based on the new Alder Lake platform, the overall performance of Weibu N10 has also improved by 15% in a faster, stronger, safer and more environmentally friendly way. Moreover, the N10 is integrated with dual-channel DDR5 memory. Compared with DDR4, the data rate and clock rate of DDR5 is increased by 50% with a 20% reduction in latency and power consumption. With higher IO speeds and data rates, Weibu N10 is able to make the workflow more efficient.

The N10 is driven by Intel HD graphics and supports 4K hardware decoding capability, making the picture smooth and natural. At the same time, the interface supports HDMI+VGA dual-screen output, offering flexibly expand the desktop workspace and multitasking capabilities, thereby improving work efficiency. In terms of connectivity, N10 provides dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, dual-band WIFI and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connections. It is also equipped with a 4G module to achieve multi-network coverage, making external access more extensive. 

In addition, the N10 Mini PC is also equipped with multiple ports to meet the needs of different industries, including 4*USB 3.0, 1*Type-C port on the front panel, 2*COM, 1*microphone, 1*headphone port, 1*TF card reader, 2* Ethernet LAN port on the rear panel, 1*HDMI, 1*DC JACK, 1*VGA, 2*USB 2.0. It also comes with a Kensington lock that offers a secure way to place the device in public environments.

This multi-functional Mini PC is suitable for various scenarios, including office, productivity workstation, home entertainment, IoT, edge computing, and more. Thanks to the latest Intel processor, flexible network connection and extension interface, the N10 can be customized to meet the needs of clients from different industries. 

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